5 Touring Places In London To Visit During A Bike Ride 


Whether you are visiting London or you stay there, you should know London is one of the best places to on a bike. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting a tourist spot on a bike or just riding along the river Thames; you surely will be enjoying yourself either way. 

There are a lot of bike tours available in London, showing the scenic routes across London, from the gothic architecture to the sublime greenery. Bike rides across London are an experience you would want to have. 

London is mostly about the greenery and long stretches of beautiful meadows, so if you are hoping for beautiful beaches like the Nantucket beaches or even the West beach in the US, then you will be disappointed. 

Places you must visit in 2022

The London Eye and Big Ben

In London, one of the most attractive tourist destinations is The London Eye. You cannot miss it; it is a giant Ferris wheel and is renowned worldwide; it was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel from 1999 to 2006. And just beside it is another iconic landmark of London, and that is Big Ben. You might be wondering as why it is called “Big Ben’, as it’s just a huge clock. 

There are two theories behind the naming. First, it was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who was the first Commissioner of works; he was a large man and hence affectionately called “Big Ben”. Second, it was named after famous heavyweight boxer Benjamin Caunt, who was also called “Big Ben”. 

Now, which of the theories is the actual one, is for you to find out. But, in the meantime riding along the side of these iconic sites is surely going to be a great experience. 

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace or the Buckingham is where the Queen lives. It is the official residential home of the Royal family. It is definitely a sight to see and witness the grandeur of the palace. The palace is right across Green Park. It is a long stretch of road with trees planted on both sides. Riding across that environment is so peaceful and serene at the same time.  

Hyde Park and the Serpentine

If you ride straight along Green Park and towards the Constitution Hill, you will come across the beautiful Wellington and the Marble Arch; these are like beautiful gateways, and you can just ride your bikes right under the arches or ride around the area, making infinite loops, as you wish. 

If you just ride across the arches, you will find yourself in Hyde Park- it is one of the largest of the Royal Parks in London. Just ride along the cycle lanes and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. 

By taking a left curve from the park, you will see The Serpentine Lake Infront of you. There are beautiful cafes there for your enjoyment. If you are used to Barista Restaurants in Las Vegas, you will surely enjoy these as well. The Serpentine is a beautiful spot for fun activities like rowing or peddling boats, or else you can grab an ice cream and walk along the lake as well, anything you want. 

The Royal Court and St. Paul’s Cathedral

Not all streets across London is bike-friendly, so heading towards places like the Royal Theatre, Trafalgar Square, and the National Gallery, where there are designated bike lanes, is always safer and more enjoyable for you. 

If you are a fan of beautiful architecture, then the next stop for you is definitely the Royal Courts of Justice; its gothic style of beautiful architecture will surely tickle your architectural fancy.  

Straight ahead of the Court is the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral and its impressive and grand building. If you are interested in the Royal family, then this is the very place where Prince Charles got married to Princess Diana, in her iconic dress with a 25ft train floating over the stairs. 

The Tower of London

The bike lanes in London are all interconnected with each famous landmark across London. So, if you go straight from the Cathedral, you will end up in front of the world-famous Tower of London and Tower Bridge. If you are confused between Tower Bridge and the London Bridge, then don’t worry, Fergie was too, and she was a part of the Royal family! 

These architectural sites are a part of history, so cycling across them and taking in their beauty and significance is surely an experience worth having. 

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When you are here in London, whether taking a bike ride tour or a walking tour, the most important thing you should do is to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Immerse yourself in the history and the beauty of these historical places and have a great experience to take back home.