5 Travel Location In Bulgaria Where You Can Go For Long Ride


Bulgaria is a Southeast European country. It is one of the oldest states in Europe. Bulgaria is a country rich in natural beauty and culture, and history that goes back to ancient times. From the beautiful peaks of the Balkan Mountains to the glistening and sandy beaches of the Black Sea. 

If your next travel location is going to be Bulgaria for your next vacation, I suggest reading up on the history of Bulgari. It is a country made of history, culture, and beautiful towns with dynamic characters. 

Bulgaria is a country with a contemporary lively blend of culture with a mixture of old-folk traditions and modern formal culture. Bulgarian cuisine is one of the most popular in Europe. 

The Bulgarian Baklava is one of the most famous delicacies in the world; it might put the Cinnamon Rolls in Las Vegas to shame. Quaint little cafes all around Bulgaria with delicious traditional food are better than any barista restaurant in Las Vegas.  

You can travel anyway, you can stroll down the lanes on foot, or you can slowly and smoothly sail along the meadows on your bike and feel the fresh air on your face. 

5 Travel Locations In Bulgaria Where You Can Go For Long Ride

There are a few places in Bulgaria you should know to visit definitely. Bulgaria is a place where you can ride your bike or cycle and see the beauty of the whole place. Bulgaria gives a wide variety of destinations to visit with a variety of terrains, a little something for everyone.  

 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This beautiful monument is built in the heart of the beautiful city of Sofia; it is a symbol of Bulgaria. It was built between 1882 to 1912 by the people of the city.

 It was built in honor of the 200,000 lives of Russian soldiers who died in the fighting in the Russo-Turkish war for the freedom of Bulgaria from the rule of the Ottoman. 

The cathedral is crowned with a 45-meter-high, gold-plated dome. The interior is beautifully decorated with mosaic, murals, and beautiful paintings of saints and angels. It is a place worth visiting to soak in the architecture and art. 

 Krushuna Falls

If you are more of a nature lover, then don’t worry; Bulgaria has a lot of natural beauty to offer you. Near Krushuna Village is located a lush green forestry landscape, and located between all that karst rocks is the beautiful Krushuna Falls. 

It is a 20-meters tall waterfall that then gets divided into smaller waterfalls. They eventually form little pools cascading over limestone rocks. It is connected through bridges and steps; One path even leads to a cave which is the source of the fall. 

The spring from where the falls originated is a very popular spot for the locals as the spring is said to have health benefits to it. 

Sunny Beach

Now, if you are more of a beach person, Sunny Beach is the place to be. Hugged by the Black Sea, Sunny Beach is famous for its resort town and its lively nightlife, which attracts a lot of tourists each year.

To soak up in the sun on the long stretches of golden sand and soak your feet in the beautiful clear water, then this is the place to be. Visitors from the US will enjoy it probably more than Nantucket beach or West beach.

The beach and its neighboring hotels and resorts are off the reasonable price and give a family-friendly atmosphere. If you want a relaxing couple of days, then this is the place you must visit at least once.  The beach is located co=lose to the beach and makes an amazing duo of places for the tourists to visit together. 

Pirin National Park

For all the hikers out there, Bulgaria offers you its beautiful Pirin National Park, home to numerous endangered animals such as brown bears, wild boars, gray wolves, jackals, and more than 70 glacial lakes. This old forest stretches to 2,915 meters of just peaks and ridges. 

The Pirin National Park is considered a national treasure of Bulgaria. The wild area of Pirin Park, which is the home to numerous animals, is currently under threat due to the development of ski resorts nearby. 

The park consists of numerous pathways, meadows, and waterfalls. Everything you need to have to explore the park on bikes or foot and hike your way through it. If you want to enjoy the serenity of the park at night, then you can stay at the park huts for a more immersive experience of the beauty and wilderness of Pirin National Park.

Old Nessebar 

Nessebar is an old and ancient city situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea; it is a major seaside resort. This charming town has a rich of more than 9,000 years ago. Since then, people and visitors have been charmed by this beautiful town.   

The town is connected through a causeway with the mainland. The is like an open walking museum for you to stroll around and experience the charming streets, town squares, and the quaint little churches. From the Romans to the Byzantine era, the town was filled with history and architecture.

The rocky foundation and little timber wood houses are a sight to see. The town is full of character, which will amaze you and worth the visit. This place is most often referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”.

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Bulgaria has been a beautiful place with beautiful history since ancient times. The Residents there have preserved their history beautifully for everyone to know. It is truly a hidden gem in Europe, unknown and underexplored. 

It allows the visitors to have an authentic experience combined with its beautiful landscapes and lovely and quaint little cities, towns, and villages. So if you have a vacation coming up, then I would say, go and give Bulgaria a visit and see for yourself the majesty of Bulgaria, this small Balkan country.