8 Things to do for your long-distance friend on Holi

This year Holi has come by like the saving boat for the dying passengers.

It was almost like this year was going to be the replica of 2020 but we were saved by the bell when vaccines came into the picture and everything seemed sorted.

But it is important to not lose calm in excitement and do something that may turn out injurious for everyone.

And keeping the same in mind some governments are taking steps to avoid big Holi celebrations that may lead to the mass spreading of the virus.

No matter how much this decision hurt you in the gut it is crucial to remember that it is for our good. 

Taking a sidetrack from this sad news it’s time to flash a light on the good that goes behind this clever decision of the government.

Even if we can’t do the usual celebration with colour and Holi like wild men we can always gift each other presents and share a piece of sweet.

On that note here are a few suggestions on what you can do for your loved ones that live far away and are missing out on not one but two things, celebrating it like usual and that too away from the family.

The people who live together can figure out what to do to make the day count.

But those who are in the long distance can be surprised with some classic deliveries of love because they are least expecting it and it’s time to bring them out of denial. 

Send a cake

The best moments and happiness begins with something sweet and sending a cake delivery in Guwahati or another place is the right thing to do. Make it a poster or designer cake themed especially for Holi.

Chocolate, red velvet, coffee or other such flavours are always good to go for especially when the cake is for a sweet lover. Send it at midnight to surprise your buddy or lover the most.

A greeting card

A handmade greeting card goes the longest way when you read it once but save it in your mind forever.

Making a greeting card is a serene experience because you utter every piece of your heart with it and know how intense your love is for that person.

Use pictures and a hidden pocket for the chocolate to sweep then off their feet. 

Pack of colours

Even though you can’t celebrate it amongst each other by being all over each other, you can send a pack of organic colours as a symbol of a colourful life and a happy vibe on the go.

It is a better gesture to express warm hands of love to your loved ones.

And they can always celebrate the festival with their neighbours and decorate the house with rangoli. 

Pack of chocolates 

A pack of chocolates is important but what lasts even after Holi is the pack of sweet chocolates you gifted to your loved one.

You can make it a customised pack too by getting their name, photo, and date on the pack. Add multiple flavours in the big box and let them savour it for a long time. 

A customised present 

Customised presents are a big way to show gestures of love and thought that goes behind giving any gift. It can be a LED cushion, or a photo frame, wallpaper or a keychain, a bottle lamp or a bracelet. Things like tees, pendants, and other accessories can be opted for too. 

  • Homemade sweets

Even if they are away from their families, you are not and so sending them a pack of homemade gujiya made by your mom is the best idea ever.

They will be reminded of your true love for each other and they will once again taste what it is like to eat mom’s made gujiya. 

Home decoration material

Decorating homes on Holi is a big culture and a tradition. Send them some rangoli making things and a few things to hang around in the house.

A house planter or a dreamcatcher can also be on the plate. It’s all about making your friend in the long distance the happiest person. 

A traditional attire 

Wearing white clothes on Holi is a tradition and it’s an expression of being coloured the whole day. Starting from scratch and getting coloured is a whole other vibe.

So even if it’s not about that this year, they can still flaunt a traditional look for the day.