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Anitta is the stage name of Brazilian performer Larissa de Macedo Machado, who was born on March 30, 1993. She is also an actor, dancer, and businesswoman in addition to being a singer and composer.

She joined a choir at a Catholic church in the Honório Gurgel area of Rio de Janeiro when she was just 8 years old and began singing there. She enrolled in a vocational school when she was 16 years old and was offered a job at Vale shortly after.

In 2010, after she had uploaded a video to YouTube, Renato Azevedo, who was working as a producer for the independent record label Furaco 2000 at the time, contacted her to ask if she would be interested in signing a deal with the label. She earned a contract with Warner Music Brasil the next year with the song “Meiga e Abusada,” which was released in 2012 and became popular as a result of its success.

In 2013, Anitta released the single “Show das Poderosas,” which went on to become the most played song on the Brasil Hot 100 Airplay list. This led to Anitta’s rise to national recognition. On YouTube, the accompanying music video has been seen more than 130 million times.

Her first studio album was published in July of that same year, and it was awarded three gold record certificates and a platinum certification by the American Recording Industry Association (ABPD). The record has now sold 170,000 copies worldwide, including those sold in Portugal, where it was also released. Her second studio album, Ritmo Perfeito (2014), had sold 45,000 copies just one month after it was made available to the public. Meu Lugar, her debut CD of live performances, was published on the same day.

She gave a performance at the Latin Grammy Awards in November 2014, at which point she became the youngest Brazilian artist ever to perform at the awards. The year 2015 marked the release of her third studio album, named Bang. The album was later awarded the platinum certification and yielded the singles “Deixa  Ele Sofrer,” “Bang,” “Essa Mina é Louca,” and “Cravo e Canela.”

Anitta was the Brazilian artist that spent the most time at the top of iTunes in 2013, and the platform’s users voted her the Artist of the Year. In addition, the Associacao Paulista de Criticos de Arte (APCA) chose her as the most exciting new artist in the field of music for the year 2013. She is the first Brazilian artist to win the award for Best Latin American Act, and she has won the MTV Europe Music Awards’ “Best Brazilian Act” award a record five times during her career.

She was ranked higher than musicians like Lady Gaga, Shakira, and Rihanna by Billboard as the 15th most influential artist in the world on social networks in 2017. This placed her ahead of artists like Lady Gaga and Shakira.


1Childhood and adolescence


2.1 Debut album and early commercial success in 2012–2013

2.22014–15: Meu Lugar and Ritmo Perfeito

2.3 The bang and many collaborations in 2015–16

Checkmate, international success, and Kisses: 2017–present


3.1 The genre of the music



4Public perception

5Private and family life







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12External connections

Initially in life

Anitta’s real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado, and she was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her parents are Miriam Macedo and Mauro Machado, and her brother Renan Machado is the artistic producer of her work. Her mother was a single parent and brought up the two children by herself.

She started her career when she was 8 years old by singing in the choir of Santa Luzia Church in Rio de Janeiro. Her maternal grandparents were instrumental in getting her into the choir. She decided to enroll in English classes when she was 11 years old, using the money from her allowance.


In subsequent years, she took part in dance classes that were given to her by her mother’s instructor. She graduated from a technical school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a degree in administration when she was 16 years old. After waiting another year, she decided to pursue a career in the arts. During the same year, she was honored with the “Revelation of Music” award as the recipient.

The character Anita, who appeared in the Rede Globo television series Presenca de Anita, served as the inspiration for Anitta’s stage name. She referred to the protagonist as “wonderful” because she “could be sensual without being vulgar, girl and lady at the same moment.” She is fluent in three languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Her native tongue is Portuguese.


2012–2013: First recording release and initial commercial success

​Anitta in June 2013

After viewing one of Anitta’s videos of her singing, funk carioca producer Renato Azevedo (also known as Batutinha) contacted her to carry out some tests in the year 2010. Batutinha wanted to see how she would fare in the genre. After receiving permission, she secured a recording contract with the independent label Furaco 2000.

In the same year, she launched her first song on radio stations in Rio de Janeiro. The song was a promotional single titled “Eu Vou Ficar,” and it was included on the DVD titled “Armageddon,” which was produced by Furaco 2000. Following the recommendation of her producer, she chose to add another “t” to the end of her stage name. After another year had passed, the song “Fica Só Olhando” was included in the second iteration of the DVD.

Her debut performance on television came on May 16, 2012, on the show Cante see Puder, which is shown on SBT. There, she performed a cover of Claudia Leitte’s song “Exttravasa” while sitting inside a beer cup. After seeing Anitta perform live in June 2012, Kamilla Fialho made an offer to become her manager. She agreed to pay the fine of 256,000 reais that was necessary to release the singer from her contract with Furacao 2000, and she later signed the singer to Kamilas’s company, K2L.

At the beginning of 2013, she was the one who came up with the “quadradinho” choreography, which became highly popular among funk groups. Anitta secured a recording contract with Warner Music Group in January 2013, following the success of the song “Meiga e Abusada” in Rio de Janeiro. Beginning in 2013, “Meiga e Abusada” quickly established itself as one of the most requested songs on Brazilian radio stations. The music video for the song was shot in Las Vegas by American director Blake Farber, who has previously collaborated with Beyoncé. The video was also directed by Blake Farber. In June of 2013, she released her first album, which was simply titled “Her.”

The music video for the song “Show das Poderosas” gained a significant amount of attention from the media in May 2013. As a result, it surpassed 130 million views on YouTube in Brazil, becoming the most-watched music video there. Also contributing to the music was the fact that it remained at the top of the best-selling songs on iTunes Brazil for several weeks, which resulted in the song becoming the third most played song on radio stations across the country in 2013. Additionally, the song was in the top ten on music charts in the countries of Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. At that time, it was estimated that the singer would earn 150,000 reais each performance, making her booking one of the richest in Brazil.

2014–15: Meu Lugar and Ritmo Perfeito

​In February of 2015, Anitta performing at a concert

In November of 2013, ticket sales began for the recording of her debut live album, and those sales are still ongoing. On February 15, 2014, the gathering was held at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, and approximately 10,000 people were present for it. Before the publication of the song “Quem Sabe” on iTunes, the album was known by its previous name, Fantástico Mundo de Anitta.

However, it was then renamed Meu Lugar after that song. On March 23, 2014, the song “Blá Blá Blá” was presented to the public for the first time as the album’s lead single. It was successful, as evidenced by the fact that it peaked at position two on the Hot 100 Airplay chart in Brazil. Following the release of her second studio album, Ritmo Perfeito, on June 3, 2014, the album was made available for purchase on June 4, 2014.


The track “Cobertor,” which featured the rapping talents of Projota and was released as the project’s second single, peaked at number 43 on the Brazilian singles list. In July of 2014, the following single, titled “Na Batida,” was made available for purchase.

Within just twenty-four hours, the music video had one million views on YouTube. In addition, it was successful on the charts, reaching its highest position on the Hot 100 Airplay list at number four. Other singles from the album that were released include “Ritmo Perfeito” and “No Meu Talento,” the latter of which features MC Guimê.

Her first role as an actress was in the April 2014 release of the comedy film Copa de Elite, in which she played Helena Boccato. Her very own management firm, Rodamoinho Produces Artticas, was established by her in August 2014. She also had a role in the television film Didi and the Secret of the Angels, which aired in December, playing the goddess Solaris.

2015–2016: The year of the Bang and collaborative efforts

​At the opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics, Anitta performed in the center of the stage alongside singers Caetano Veloso (left) and Gilberto Gil (right).

In October of 2015, she released her third album under the Bang moniker. According to Billboard Brasil, it is one of the albums that fans are most looking forward to hearing this year. The American singer Madonna also worked with designer Giovanni Bianco, who signed the album cover art for this particular release. 40,000 copies of Bang were sold in its first week, propelling the album to the third spot on the chart of the most popular albums in Brazil.

As of May 2016, the album has already sold 300,000 copies, exceeding the sales of her debut album, which had only sold 170,000 copies as of that month. Additionally, the Brazilian Record Producers’ Association (ABPI) awarded it its Platinum certification (ABPD). The first single from the album was titled “Deixa Ele Sofrer,” and it was released on July 16, 2015. The song quickly climbed to the top of the chart on iTunes Brazil. Because of the success of this song, Anitta became the first Brazilian singer to ever hold the number one spot on Spotify Brazil.

The subsequent single, “Bang,” was similarly very successful. It spent many days at number one on iTunes and Spotify, and the music video for the single became an international viral video, accumulating over 320 million views on YouTube. The singles “Essa Mina É Louca” and “Cravo e Canela” were both taken from the album and published separately.

This musician became the first Brazilian artist to ever win the EMA Worldwide Act Latin America award in October of 2015 when they took home the trophy. The song “Because,” which was produced as a collaboration between Jota Quest and Nile Rodgers, was released in November of 2015.


Anitta made her debut as a TV hostess on the third season of the Multishow program Msica Boa Ao Vivo in 2016, which was her first year in the industry. The singer also appeared on a reimagined version of J Balvin’s song “Ginza,” which was performed by J Balvin. She released a single in August 2016 named “Sim ou No,” which included the Colombian singer Maluma.

She also sang at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics together with musicians Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil after the march of delegations. The following month, she agreed to terms with the talent agency William Morris Endeavor and signed a contract. She was awarded the prize for Best Brazilian Act at the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards, which took place in November of that year.

Checkmate, international success, and Kisses from 2017 to the present

In January of 2017, the vocalist was featured on hits such as “Loka,” which was performed by the female pair Simone & Simaria, and “Você Partiu Meu Coracao,” which was performed by Nego do Borel and also featured Wesley Safado. Her first track to be published in English was titled “Switch” and was a duet with the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

It was released in May of 2017. During the same month, she released a single titled “Paradinha” that was available in both Portuguese and Spanish. Together with drag queen vocalist Pabllo Vittar, she appeared on the track “Sua Cara,” which was released by the American band Major Lazer in June of the same year. Know No Better is the band’s fourth extended play, and this song is featured on it.

The audio piece on YouTube quickly surpassed the record of 5 million views in the span of just a few short hours. After its release, the song became a hit all over the world, ranking among the top one hundred most played songs on Global Spotify.

Additionally, it remained on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs chart for more than five weeks, becoming the only song in Portuguese to ever reach number one in the United States. The accompanying music video was also quite popular, with more than 17 million views in just a single day.

Anitta’s first single to be published in the English language is titled “Will I See You,” and it was produced by Grammy-winning music producer and composer Poo Bear. The single was made available on September 3rd. It was the first song that the singer would release as part of her initiative called CheckMate, which would see her releasing a new song every month.

Anitta released the second single from CheckMate on October 13 under the title “Is That For Me.” The song was produced in collaboration with the Swedish DJ Alesso. Another track titled “Downtown” from the CheckMate album was made available for download on November 19 by the vocalist. This was their second time working together on a project.

As a result of the composition’s subsequent widespread acclaim and inclusion in the “Top 50 Global” list of the songs that have sold the most copies around the globe, Anitta became the very first Brazilian artist to be acknowledged by the ranking. Anitta came out with a brand new single on the 18th of December, 2017, titled “Vai Malandra.” This track featured MC Zaac, Maejor, Trop Killaz, and DJ Yuri Martins, and it was the fourth and final song to be released from the CheckMate project.

The song “Machika,” which also featured J Balvin as a collaborator, was released in January of 2018. After waiting another two months, she came out with another single in Spanish called “Indecente.” Anitta Entrou no Grupo, her brand-new television show, made its premiere on Multishow in April.

She performed at the Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon in June, which was attended by 80,000 people and sold out, and she received praise from the British music publication NME. As part of the Made in Brazil tour, she also gave performances in Paris and London. During the same month, she distributed a single under the name “Medicine.

Anitta in bikini

” She was featured on the single “Perdendo a Mo” by the production duo Seakret, which was released in September and also featured Jojo Maronttinni. Later on, in the same month, she made her debut on La Voz… Mexico, where she is serving as one of the coaches. After that, in the following month, she was featured on the single “Jacuzzi” by the Colombian artist Greeicy Rendón.

In November, Anitta released a multilingual extended play (EP) titled Solo, and she was the focus of a docuseries created by Shots Studios and titled Vai Anitta, which was streamed on Netflix. Both projects were titled Vai Anitta. In January of 2019, she collaborated with Brazilian artist Kevinho on the release of a single titled “Terremoto.” The music video for this record is inspired by Sean Paul’s “I’m Still in Love with You.”

Later, in February, she collaborated with Colombian musician J Balvin, Tropkillaz, and Mc Zaac to record a song called “Bola Rebola,” which featured a song very similar to “Vai Malandra.”

She was featured alongside the British artist Rita Ora on the song “R.I.P.” which was performed by the Mexican singer Sofa Reyes. It was published on April 5 and is titled Kisses. This is her fourth studio album. Additionally, she appears on Madonna’s cover of the song “Faz Gostoso,” which can be found on the album Madame X.


The genre of music

Pop is the primary genre that Anitta explores in her work; nevertheless, she also mixes elements of R&B, dance-pop, electropop, electronic dance music, reggae, reggaeton, funk carioca, samba-reggae, Latin pop, and bossa nova into her sound.


Anitta has a voice that is similar to that of a soprano and extends over two octaves while maintaining a consistent tone throughout her range. She has “no such master of her voice and falls short in many gaps as a singer and an interpreter,” according to the celebrity website Vocal Pop, which noted that her voice sounds like that of a 15-year-old girl and described her as having a “very crisp and light voice.

” According to Anderson Antunes of Forbes, the singer incorporates R&B into her songs, an approach that is also utilized by Rihanna and Kesha. He also noted that the singer has the potential to become the next “global superstar,” similar to Shakira, who follows the “world music appeal.” Anitta’s voice was described as “tweaked and sweet” in a review written by Braulio Lorentz of G1, who wrote the review for Anitta’s self-titled album. Her songs have a “tweaked” sound “Lyrics that discuss the power of women, the power of seduction, and other aspects of the predicaments of whoever claims to “have power.”


​Anitta has been influenced musically by singers such as Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. Anitta cites the singers Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and Rihanna as the artists who have had the most impact on her. In 2013, the singer admitted that she had always wished that she could perform duets with Carey and Ivete Sangalo. Regarding the latter, she emphasized the following regarding the possibility of a collaboration: “If she accepts an invitation from these I think I’d die right at the time of the duet of so much emotion, and then it will never come out.

” Anitta was linked to the singer Beyoncé during the release of her debut album. She stated that the performer was one of her influences, even though she had only just become familiar with the singer’s body of work. “It’s a relatively recent affection for me; much like Mariah, I wasn’t a fan of her music when I was younger, but these days I have a lot of respect for her. Since I began to sing, I’ve found that I enjoy her company much more “.

An additional influence was Sandy, with whom Anitta sang together on the television show Altas Horas on July 27, 2013, performing the songs “As Quatro Estac’es” and “Desperdicou.” Sandy was an important figure in Anitta’s career. During the presentation, Anitta made the following comment: “I can sing every song because I have been a fan of hers since the beginning.

I borrowed several CDs from some friends and carried them with me to listen to “. Anitta cited Katy Perry as an inspiration for the new songs as she was working on her second album. Other artists that the singer mentioned as influences include Madonna, Britney Spears, Kate Nash, and Colbie Caillat. She also mentioned the group Pussycat Dolls.


Her musical style was heavily influenced by the Brazilian female group Rouge, which is considered to be in the pop genre. Anitta brought up the MPB singers Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso as she was being interviewed for the G1 magazine. She praised them for constantly reinventing themselves and taking musical risks in a variety of styles.

Image to the public

​In November of 2014, Anitta participated in the Coca-Cola Jeans parade. As soon as Anitta achieved stardom, members of the media began referring to her as a sex icon. In 2015, readers of VIP magazine deemed her to be the sexiest lady in the world. Gustavo Fioratti stated in an article that he wrote for Folha de S. Paulo that the singer’s “sexy, vulgar-style personality” is more impressive in her music videos than it is in her live performances.

It was referred to as a “bombshell” by the Daily Mail. She thinks that her artwork is not taken seriously by some members of the public or the art critics since she works “with the sensuality thing.” The vocalist vented her aggravation by stating, “I just can’t win!” “People have the impression that you are both talented and intelligent. I can be intellectual while also needing to be sensual.”

In 2014, Anitta was accused of giving an “anti-feminist speech” while participating in the Altas Horas show on the Globo network. According to the accusations, she stated that “women fought so hard to have the same rights as men, who, when they succeeded, wanted to take care of the situation and the place of men.

” This led to Anitta being accused of adopting an “anti-feminist speech.” After that, she started taking a viewpoint that was more in keeping with the goals of feminism, and she also started thinking of herself as a feminist after that. In 2017, when she was awarded the title of “Woman of the Year” by the Brazilian edition of GQ magazine, she gave a “feminist speech” in which she stated:

“I’m going to keep fighting with my music, talking about shallow things, dancing, wearing short clothes, saying what I say and what I do… so people understand that it’s not a short outfit, it’s the fact that you kiss how many people you want to kiss one night, who will tell you whether you’re smart, whether you’re capable, whether you have talent, whether you can sing, do, or fail to do.” “I’m going to keep fighting with my music, talking about shallow things,

The singer was named by Vogue magazine as one of the 100 people around the world who are the most creative and influential in their fields. The reason that Anitta was selected for this ranking was due to her “positivity engagement around the body,” which was demonstrated by the positive choice to display her untold picture in the “Vai Malandra.

“music video. The music video for “Vai Malandra,” according to Dom Phillips of The Guardian, “sparked a fierce debate in Brazil, revealing the country’s social lines of failure, dealing with issues of inequality, racism, sexist abuse, and cultural appropriation.” Black activists leveled allegations of “cultural appropriation” against the singer for wearing hair braids in the music video.

“Anitta uses black when it suits her,” was the opinion expressed by Stephanie Ribeiro in a column for Marie Claire. The singer stated that her father’s side of the family is of African descent. Anitta has a significant following among both LGBTQ people and women. Her fans and the media were very critical of her after she refused to publicly express her opposition to the presidential campaign of Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing conservative who is currently serving as President of Brazil.

Anitta is one of the celebrities who has the most impact on people through their use of social networks. It appeared in the Social 50 ranking of the North American Billboard in June 2017 as the 15th most influential artist in the world on the social networks, repeating, among other times, its appearance in December, when it was in the tenth position. In December, it was ranked as the most influential artist in the world on social networks. She was named the Social Star of the Year at the iHeart Music Awards, which took place in March of 2018.

Anitta in bikini

Anitta in 2015

After gaining a significant amount of success, Anitta began associating its name with several different brands. Anitta feels like she is being praised when she is described as a “marketing case,” which is a term that is frequently used to refer to her. She went on to explain: “When other people believe that I am a marketing case, it makes me happy because I am the one who is responsible for my marketing.

I majored in marketing, I earned a degree in pre-college administration, and I took a marketing class. I am the one who organizes and executes all of my marketing, and it makes me feel validated when other people acknowledge my efforts.” She also termed her method of cooperating with foreign artists to lead their work to other markets as “co-branding,” which she referred to as “co-branding.”

At the beginning of her career, Anitta was known for wearing brightly colored printed dresses paired with cropped top combinations, short trousers, and plaid tops and caps. Following the release of the singer’s album Bang (2015), the singer’s style started to incorporate pop art-inspired elements.

She has already mentioned that her favorite brands of clothing are Moschino and Givenchy and that she likes to shop at those stores. “Being stylish is having an attitude, having an uncommon sense of being authentic, and having style is having a good mood,” she said in an interview with “Being stylish is having a good mood.”

In 2014, the singer stated that she had undergone six different surgeries for plastic surgery, with the justification being that she was unhappy with her appearance: “I observed that I was in some discomfort. I always had a horrible noise too. take in all of the surrounding air “. By the year 2016, Anitta had already undergone several cosmetic procedures, including but not limited to two rhinoplasties, two breast surgeries, liposuction, and augmentation of the cheekbones.

Anitta is contemplating undergoing additional medical procedures in the not-too-distant future. In 2016, the number of surgical operations grew to eight, with a fill in the lips being the most recent one; the total amount spent on aesthetic procedures was greater than one hundred thousand reais.

A person’s private life

From the beginning of 2011 until the end of 2012, Anitta was in a relationship with Mr. Thug, who was a member of the band Bonde da Stronda. The singer was also romantically involved with the actor and model Pablo Morais at one point. She wed her fiancé, a businessman named Thiago Magalhés, on November 17, 2017, after having been in communication with him since May of the same year.

The pair made their marriage official while maintaining complete autonomy in all aspects of their lives. They announced their divorce in September of 2018. After claiming that she is a “member of the LGBTQ+ community,” the singer gave the impression that she is bisexual on the profile that she maintains on Twitter during the same month. She transitioned to a vegan diet in January 2019, shortly after watching the documentary Cowspiracy (2014).

In an interview that she gave in 2017 to Trip magazine, she said that she is participating in psychotherapy and that she believes that she would “be a happy psychologist” if she did not pursue a career in the arts.


In 2014, she gave money to a shelter that took in homeless people after a hurricane-ravaged the city of Vila Velha, and she also performed at a public school in Curitiba that was geared toward persons with Down syndrome. Both of these events took place in Brazil.

During the year 2016, she gave donations to residents of the Cidade de Deus favela, which is located in Rio de Janeiro, her hometown.


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