The Grace Noll Crowell Poem” Because of Thy Great Bounty,” “Because I Have Been Given Much” Lyrics

I Have Been Given Much was written by Grace Noll Crowell-released in 2020. Grace Noll Crowell (1877 – 1969) was an American poet author of 5,000 poems and 36 books of inspirational verse. Her work has arisen in hundreds of newspapers and magazines.


She came out with her first poetry book White Fire, in 1925, after the birth of her first child. She marked the beginning of a prominent writing career and won first prize from the Texas Poetry Society. In 1935, she was listed as Poet Laureate of Texas; received an honorary doctorate from Baylor University in 1940.

Because I Have Been Given Much Lyrics

Artist’s Biography

  • Birth Name: Grace Noll Crowell
  • Date of Birth: October 31, 1877
  • Place of Birth: Inland Township in Cedar County, Iowa
  • Age: 43 years (as of 2022)
  • Nationality: American-German
  • Occupation: Poet
  • Instagram: N/A


Composition of the song

  • Poem-“Because of Thy Great Bounty”
  • Title- Because I Have Been Given Much
  • Singers – Grace Noll Crowell
  • Lyricists – Grace Noll Crowell
  • Music Rights – Phillip Landgrave
  • Release Date – 2020


Her poem, under the title of “Because I Have Been Given Much”, is included in the Hymnbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1985), music by Philip Landgrave.It was actually a choral piece included in the 1975 and 1991 Baptist Hymnals.

Because I Have Been Given Much Lyrics