Best Wireless Headphones/Earphones On The Market

Wireless has become popular to hundreds of different industries as time has passed and technology has improved from the tv remote, to the hairdryer and vacuum cleaner and now the wireless headphones. Since leading technology companies have come out and said that they won’t be placing the headphone jack on their new flagship’s phones from now on, it has seen a transfer from wires to wireless in many headphones on the market now and so we have created a list of the best wireless headphones currently on the market right now.


None of these headphones on the list would have been possible without the rapid rise in technology in recent times which has benefitted us in multiple ways. Other industries have also benefitted from this including online casinos here that now have some of the best quality casinos on display online due to the quality user interfaces and wide variety of high-quality games on offer which wouldn’t have been possible without the rise of improved technology showed in recent times.


The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are quite easily the best wireless headphones on the market right now, with nothing even comparing to the quality that they are able to show to consumers currently. These fantastic wireless earbuds have some of the most complete sound on the market as well as the best noise cancelling ability on the market. However, the only limitations with these earbuds is the price as they are currently over £200, and the 6-hour battery life can be frustrating when using for a long time – we’d need this to be increased if they were to be the ultimate wireless headphones.


This list just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include the pioneer of the industry Apple and who have recently released their version of the noise-cancelling headphones with the Apple Airpods Pro.  The Airpods were the catalyst for this market to start in the first place and really developed on the success of the first Airpods as they now offer a more comfortable fit and the noise cancelling features. Although, we have seen that the noise cancelling does seem to affect the timing on the AirPods and that the quality isn’t as good as rivals when it comes to sound, something that you wouldn’t expect from a nearly £200 purchase.


And finally, looking for something that is a little bit more budget friendly? Why not check out the RHA True Connect which can be found for around £70 at best price online. The sound quality on these budget headphones is actually one of the best on this list and for the price you certainly cannot complain at. Furthermore, they have the best battery life too with the wireless charging case displaying impressive numbers. However, you do start to realise that you are in the budget end of the products with the connectivity issues sometimes displayed as well as the strange shaped case that they are brought to you in.