Bhad Bhabie Reveals Plan To Join OnlyFans, Explains Her Content

Some fans, on the other hand, are quick to defend the 17-year-old “Cash Me Outside” rapper when someone points out that, despite the site’s reputation, its content doesn’t always have to be sexual.

Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) may soon add her name to the long list of famous people who have an OnlyFans page. Since the site is mostly used to share adult content, people may criticize her choice, but the 17-year-old raptress explained what she plans to post on her page.

“Let me be very clear about something. I said I wouldn’t make an only for my fans to see my naked body, but I’m not against making one so that my fans can see different things and interact with me on another app “star wrote on Monday, February 15, on her Instagram Story. “I still haven’t decided, though, because people think only fans are only for f***ing, sucking, and naked girls.

Bhad Bhabie

Fans, on the other hand, didn’t think that Bhabie could even sign up for the site. Someone pointed out that she wasn’t of legal age to participate in the contest. “You need to be 18 to do that, right? No one pays to watch a child take off her clothes “someone else commented. In the same way, another user asked, “Isn’t she still a child? She isn’t even of the right age to sign up.”

Some other people were interested in what Bhabie wanted to share. “So, miss mamas, what would you do with it? Define ‘different content,’ “asked one user. At the same time, someone told everyone, “If you sub this, it will make ALL of you sick!” One user said, “SHES UNDERAGE, PLEASE STOP PROMOTING THIS BEHAVIOR,” when they saw that she was thinking about joining OnlyFans.

Even though Bhabie was being criticized, some people came to her defense. “Do any of you even read the post before leaving a comment? She just said that she isn’t showing anything inappropriate. If she does sign up, she said, it will only be to talk to her fans and let them know what’s going on with her bts “one of them said. Someone else also said, “Well, I guess that’s just content for fans of any kind.”