Bobby Shmurda Has Fans Questioning His Sexuality With New Dance Video

The “Hot N***a” rapper’s sexuality is being talked about just days after he twerked at the Rolling Loud Festival and made the internet go crazy.

Bobby Shmurda
Fans have been wondering about Bobby Shmurda’s sexuality as of late. After the rapper who sang “Hot N***a” posted a new dance video on social media, many people thought he was about to come out.

The clip in question was posted on Instagram Story by the 26-year-old MC, who got out of jail in March. On the video, he was dancing with his friends and moving his hips and arms.

When the video was posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram account, people reacted quickly. One person said, “I think he’s going to say something soon,” and another asked, “Is there something we need to know, Bobby?”

A third said, “We didn’t wait for him to come out and be a dancer for seven years.” Someone else then said, “Alexa, play “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross.”

Even though there were rumors that he was coming out, some people thought that the “Can’t Forget About Hot” rapper did the dance because he was happy to be free. “Wow, I guess no one can be truly happy and dance how they feel now,” said one person. One person urged, “Let’s normalize black men having fun. You guys are being real in the comments.” “He’s just happy to be free,” said one fan.

Bobby surprised his fans by twerking at the Rolling Loud Festival, where he debuted a brand new song. The video came out just a few days later. When someone saw him perform, they said on Twitter, “If you can’t tell #bobbyshmurda is gay, you’re blind asf. The man got out of jail and made one bad song. The rest of the time, he was twerking and dancing all over the place. He’s a piece of fruit.”

“Bobby Shmurda is twerking. Does he want to tell us something?” Someone else was also curious. A third user, on the other hand, wrote, “Bobby Shmurda done lost his mind twerking on stage,” which suggests that they were not amused by the rapper’s stunt.