Boost Your Ecommerce Website With These Trending Link Building Techniques In 2022

Link building is considered one of the most useful and effective search engine optimization or SEO strategy. Its demand is increasing day by day. The experts are saying in this new year, 2022, link building is going to get more traffic to a site than most of the other strategies.

E-commerce websites are on the top of the list of sites that will be benefited from Linkbuilding services. So, all the e-commerce website owners can focus on building more links and get more traffic. In order to grow your business with more audiences and consumers, try the best link-building strategies that are specific for them.

Best Link Building Techniques To Boost Your Ecommerce Website In 2022

Here are the top ling building techniques that you can try to boost your e-commerce website in 2022.

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Analyze Competitor’s Backlinks

For any kind of business, analyzing and getting a closer look at what your competitors are doing is very beneficial. So, why can we not implement the same thing here with link building? Actually, we can. So, without wasting any more time, do a backlink analysis of your competitors.

If your competitor is able to get a backlink for the same product, you also can. But make sure that those backlinks that you are developing are quality ones. And in order to do so, first, you need to compile the backlink reports on your competitors.

Here are some tools that you can take help from while analyzing your competitors’ backlinks.

  • Ahrefs.
  • SEMrush.
  • Link Explorer.
  • Majestic SEO.
  • Raven Tools
  • Get In Touch With Complementary businesses.

Here is another effective ecommerce link-building strategy that you can easily implement. You need to target those businesses that offer complementary to the products that you sell. So, there is already a mutually beneficial relationship exist.

You need to take some leverage of it and ask them to include a link to you in their online appearances. Her you also can target the suppliers or manufacturers of your products and ask for the same. You also can reach to Bloggeroutreach services if you think that you are not going in the right direction with this.

In case they claim that they only include brick and mortar companies, what you can do is ask them if they can include an online section and mention your link there. These types of sites cater great opportunities for linking, and the chances of earning links are also higher because of the win-win situation that they present.

Convert Unlinked Mentors

Another useful e-commerce link-building strategy and marketing practice is monitoring the brand mentions. The unlinked brand mentions are one of the best opportunities for any e-commerce client. In order to implement this strategy, you need to have a strong brand presence because you need people to discuss your products, brand, or website in a positive manner. Only then will this strategy work.

For this, you can use a different range of tools. 

  • Google Alerts.
  • Fresh Web Explorer.

All these tools give you the ability to set up an alert in order to notify you via email every time any specific term is mentioned on the web. What you can do is, enter your product or brand name into any of these tools. You will be stay informed every time your product or brand name is being mentioned on the web.

404 Link Reclamation

When we are talking about e-commerce link-building strategies, there is another one that is quite effective. And that is 404 Link Reclamation. Generally, e-commerce sites consist of a number of pages because they sell a different range of products. And when you have so many pages, there are chances that some of them will move or break. This will result in broken external links.

So, the opportunities for 404 link reclamation are higher here with e-commerce sites. We also cannot forget the fluidity and ever-changing product inventory. As a result of products being out of stock and restocked, many pages may come and go.

There are two ways to reclaim lost equity from the lost 404s. One is you simply can ask to update the old link with a new URL or simply 301 the particular broken link with a brand-new functioning page. Practically teh 301 option is quite easier because you no need to depend on someone else to fix that.

Content Link Building

Lastly, in case you are struggling with e-commerce link building, you can create a linkable asset in order to aid all your link-building efforts. Most website owners do not like linking to a product page, which makes the link prospects shallower.

You can try creating linkable assets in order to overcome this challenge. Make sure that you are creating enough valuable and useful assets that site owners will want to link because it will benefit their readers or viewers.

You can consider creating a blog as a form of linkable assets. With these, you will be able to reach those site owners and also increase awareness among the audiences. You can link your products directly to your blogs which will increase the arena of reaching more people.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that link building is one of the most effective strategies for the growth of your business. But you can not only focus on link building and neglect other things. Make sure your e-commerce website is search engine optimized. Link building is a part of search engine optimization or SEO. So, you need to work with other SEO strategies as well.