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On December 18th, 1995, Daraz Diggs was born into this world. He was born in the capital city of the United States of America, Washington, DC. As of this year (2022), he is currently 26 years old. He is named after his father, Aron Diggs, and his mother, Stephanie Diggs (Mother). Congestive heart failure was the cause of death for Darez’s father, who passed away in January of 2008.

Trevon Diggs, Aron Diggs, Stefon Diggs, and Porche Green were Darez Diggs’ siblings while he was growing up, along with his younger sister Porche Green. The Buffalo Bills of the National Football League are lucky to have Darez’s brother Stefon playing wide receiver for them.

When it comes to his secondary school, he plans to attend Friendship Academy in the United States of America. This is something he mentions when talking about his educational history. Following that, he signed up to be a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).


Football was Daraz Diggs’ first professional endeavor, and he began his career in the United States. In addition, he played cornerback for the University of Alabama Blazers football team during his time there. Wide receiver was another position that Daraz held with the UAB Blazers and the Morgan State Bears during his career.

He was born and raised in the nation’s capital. According to, he was ranked 123rd in the country as a recruit, 12th as a cornerback, and the fifth-best football prospect in the District of Columbia for the 2016 class. In addition to that, they gave him a total score of 0.8059.

Darez Diggs

Popularity and its associated net worth

The professional life of Daraz Diggs’s sibling

Diggs entered the 2015 NFL Draft. In the 20-yard shuttle, she finished in 4.11 seconds, and she also got a time of 11.46 seconds in the 60-yard long shuttle. In the 2015 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings chose Diggs when it was their turn to pick, and they did so in the fifth round, placing him 146th overall. Stefon has committed to a deal worth $2.5 million over the next four years.

In the first game of the season, played on September 11 against the Tennessee Titans, Stefon led the Vikings in receiving with seven receptions for 103 yards on nine targets.

During week 2, he delivered again another brilliant performance on Sunday Night Football, this time against the Green Bay Packers. He took advantage of man-to-man coverage played by Damarious Randall, a second-year cornerback, and emerged as the offensive unit’s focal point as a result. He also became only the third receiver in the whole history of the team to have consecutive games with more than 100 receiving yards in the first two games of the season.

Children / Dating / Relationships

At this time, Daraz Diggs is not involved with anyone. He has been silent about his dating history as well as his current status, and we do not know what they are. Instead of concentrating on a love connection, Daraz is giving his full attention to his professional endeavors at the moment.

When Diggs has some free time, he enjoys devoting it to spending quality time with his family. As a natural consequence of this, Daraz does his best to keep the media out of his private life.

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Social media

Daraz Diggs uses his social media accounts frequently and in an active manner. He maintains active accounts on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On Instagram, Daraz has gathered more than 9923 followers, while on Twitter he has more than 10,000 followers, and on Facebook, he has more than 50,000 followers.

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Profit or loss

American football player Daraz Diggs is well-known for his play in the sport. In his career, Diggs has accomplished a lot of very impressive things. In addition to that, Daraz was able to amass a substantial fortune during his career.

It is believed that Diggs has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. It is estimated that his brother Stefon has a net worth of approximately $13 million. Because of his hard work and success, Daraz can provide an extravagant lifestyle for his family.

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Darez Diggs

Darez Diggs

Darez Diggs