The Steve Lacy Tiktok Hit Song “Dark Red,” Lyrics

Dark Red Lyrics is the first play sung by Steve Lacy, an American musician, released on February 24, 2017. He earned fame in 2015 as a member of the nominated R&B band “The Internet.”


On May 23, 1998, Steve Lacy was born Steve Thomas Lacy Moya in Compton, California. There is no valid information on whether he is married or not; he loves to be secretive about his personal life.


In 2017, he started working on the album Apollo xxi, which was released on May 24, 2019, as Steve’s debut solo album. He also stated that he recorded most of the album using other methods like an iPod or iPhone.


Dark Red Lyrics


Artist’s Biography

Gender: Male

Birth Name: Steve Thomas Lacy-Moya

Date of Birth: May 23, 1998

Place of Birth: Compton, California, US

Age: 23 years (as of 2022)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Singer, record producer

Instagram: @steve.lacy

Composition of the song

Lacy created most of the song series on his iPhone, producing the bass arrangements and guitar. He sang his vocals right into its built-in microphone and programmed the drum patterns in Ableton. In 2018, Steve disclosed that he was now using devices other than his phone to produce music for fellow Compton native rapper YG.


Quick Details of the song

  • Song – “Dark Red”
  • Artist: Steve Lacy
  • Released: 2017
  • Genre: Soul
  • Label: 3Qtr
  • Drums-Steve Lacy
  • Length-13:33
  • Album: Steve Lacy’s Demo
  • Produced by: Steve Lacy


In August 2021, the song lyrics “Dark Red” went viral in short videos of TikTok, reaching over 110K views as of February 2022.


Steve Lacy’s Demo accumulated positive reviews from music critics. Jonah Bromwich said, “Steve Lacy flashes with classic Southern California soul&funk-the music here is full of dimension and depth, startlingly mature as if Lacy were accompanied by a full band rather than doing everything by his lonesome.”