Derek Dooley Net Worth: How Much Money Does American Football Coach Have?

Derek Dooley is well-known because his father, Vince Dooley, was a famous football coach at Georgia. His father died when he was 90 years old, and this month he was hospitalized with a mild case of COVID-19. When people heard that Vince Dooley had died, they started posting online tributes to the football coach and sending condolences to his friends and family.

“No one can say enough about what Vince Dooley meant to the University of Georgia,” said one user. More than a coach and more than an AD. A great legend and a pretty good Dawg. Coach, RIP.” Another user wrote, “In loving memory of Vince Dooley, who played and coached for Auburn and was one of the most famous people in the history of the SEC. The Dooley family and our friends at the University of Georgia are in our thoughts and prayers.”

Derek Dooley

What is Derek Dooley’s Net Worth?

Derek Dooley is a coach for American football and used to play the sport. He was born in Athens, GA, on June 10, 1968, making him 54 years old. He was the head football coach at Louisiana Tech University from 2007 to 2009.

He played football at Clarke Central High School when he was in high school. After his second season, the Cavaliers gave him a scholarship. In 1990, he got a degree in government and international affairs.

He got his degree from the University of Georgia in 1996. He was also hired as the new head coach at Louisiana Tech University. On February 16, 2022, Alabama hired Dooley to be their offensive analyst.

Derek Dooley is thought to have a net worth of about $2 million USD.

Derek Dooley