Elevator shoes for men

Human beings are known to be very possessive. We have many items that we love and cherish, ranging from jewelry, clothes, hats, etc. Shoes can also be problematic to store since they are bulky and have different shapes. www.guidomaggi.com elevator shoes for men can be stored using different simple procedures.

Elevator shoes for men can be stored based on the type of shoe. Casual shoes like loafers are better stored in an open rack because you get to wear them more often, meaning you can easily reach them. On the other hand, you can store your elevator dress shoes in a more enclosed shoe rack if you don’t get to wear them too often.

So we can store our elevator shoes by following these simple procedures.

1. Avoid keeping your shoes on the ground

Storing your elevator shoes as heaps on the floor or stacking them at the base of your closest is a bad idea. Shoes need to be well-taken care of to ensure durability. Your shoes get constantly beat up as probe through pairs of shoes in search of favorite elevator sneakers shoes. If you must store them on the floor, you must neatly arrange them in a straight file.

2. Arrange your elevator shoes into categories

You must arrange your elevator shoes into groups before you implement any storing style or method. You can start by dividing your elevator shoes into two groups. The first group should be the shoes you wear the most, while the other group should be the ones you don’t wear too often. The first group of shoes can be sorted into work shoes, casual shoes, or dinner shoes. You should carefully arrange these shoes so that you know where to look if you need them. This technique helps to keep your elevator shoes neatly stacked at all times. The second group of shoes (hiking boots, snow boots) can be stored high and far away. Store yours temporarily on a shoe tree.

3. Clean elevator shoes thoroughly before storing

Avoid storing dirty shoes before cleaning them. After cleaning, you can apply a leather conditioner for leather shoes. You can also stuff shoes with acid-free paper capable of preventing deterioration by absorbing moisture.

5. Select a proper shoe organizer

Selecting a proper shoe organizer for your elevator shoe would depend on how frequently you wear them. The following are some type of shoe organizers you can use in storing your elevator shoes.
• Shoe cabinet and racks: You can store elevator shoes you regularly wear on shoe racks and cabinets. They usually come in an open front that allows air to circulate your shoes. You should also endeavor to keep your shoe racks in a safe and suitable place.

Shoe Trees: To keep your closets neat and organized, you would need shoe trees. However, shoe trees are not meant for long term storage of elevator shoes, because they fit into shoes and may end up stretching shoe leather. Shoe trees can be used in storing frequently worn elevator shoes such as casual footwear and running shoes.

6. Ensure you store elevator shoes in a climate-controlled environment: Shoes need to be kept in an environment where the leather is preserved. Keeping elevator shoes in a basement for long periods of time does damage to them. Extreme temperatures and humidity can destroy shoes by weakening fabrics, loosening glue, and make leather brittle.

7. Don’t overstuff your closets.

For some people, everything ends up in the closet. From clothes to shoes, bags, hats, etc., the closet houses it all. Such a situation makes your closet look like a pile of mess. At this stage, you would have to give serious thought about getting separate shoe storage.

Storing elevator shoes is not so much different from the way every other regular shoe is stored. They are stored based on the type of shoes and if they are to be stored long term or short term. Improper storage of shoes leads to deterioration of leather over a long period. Elevator shoes for men are well crafted to stand some of the harshest room temperatures that may cause shoe damage.