Emily Ratajkowski desires to appreciate her “single girl era” while dating Pete Davidson.

Emily Ratajkowski wants to take advantage of her “single girl era” even if she is now dating Pete Davidson. Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson’s new relationship isn’t exclusive because the model doesn’t want a serious relationship so soon after her divorce.

A friend of the actor and model told E! News that Ratajkowski is not serious about the comedian, even though they have been on “a few dates.” The source said that the two have known each other for a long time and that Davidson was the one who “text[ed] Emily to say he wanted to hang out and catch up.”

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“Emily thinks it’s a lot of fun to hang out with Pete,” a source said. “Emily also thinks Pete is charming, and right now they have flirty chemistry.” The outlet also said that the Gone Girl star, who has been linked to Brad Pitt and DJ Orazio Rispo in recent months, is not looking for anything serious right now.

“She isn’t dating anyone exclusively and is having fun,” said a friend. “Emily’s “single girl era” is over, and she wants to see what else is out there.” Someone who didn’t want to be named told the celebrity gossip Instagram account Deuxmoi that they saw the two of them together. This led to rumors that they were dating.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, anon pls. On a date in Brooklyn, Em Rata and Pete Davidson were with each other. The message said, “Holding hands and ALLLLL.”

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