Netflix’s Fate: The Winix Saga-Review and Critical Analysis

Fate: The Winx Saga is a live-action reboot of the animated series The Winx Club. Its first season consisting of 6 episodes released on 22 January 2021 on Netflix. If you are ready to know what this magical series is about then keep reading.

Fate: The Winx Saga Review

If you are a 90s girl then you must have grown up watching Winx club on Nick or Cartoon Network. So, do you still remember the magic of Winx fairies? God knows, what else can be so nostalgic, and lucky for us then having a chance to watch the live-action reboot of our most favorite Winx Club.

Although, this reboot series comes up with a bundle of changes, trust me, this is one hell of a winx story: way more interesting, darker, and for sure, worth-watching.

Fate: The Winx Saga Review

So, 90s girls are you ready to rekindle your childhood memories? Keep reading to grab a hold on an account of the Fate: The Winx Saga Review.

Fate: The Winx Saga Review

Verily, this live-action Winx Saga is one of the best drama series ever made on the otherworld. From the plotline, to cast, characters, and the setting, everything is remarkable. Anyhow, before throwing more light on the critical analysis of the filming of The Winx Saga, I would like you to know about the story of this fantastic fairy drama series.

To grab a hold on the story of this series, you must be aware of the details of the characters of this story. So, before going ahead to know about the story, let’s have a quick-view of the list of the cast and characters of Fate: The Winx Saga.


Bloom: A powerful fire fairy, who’s a changeling, and is raised by human parents in the first world. She is 16 years old, and is a first-year student at the Alfea School.

Fate: The Winx Saga Review

Sky: A second-year specialist student who’s the son of Andreas but is raised by Silva after the presumed death of his father. The ex-boyfriend of Stella, and a love interest of Bloom.

Stella: A suitemate of Bloom, a light fairy with a notorious yet starling reputation. She is the princess of Solaria, and a second-year student at Alfea. Also, she is the ex-girlfriend of Sky.

Musa: A mind fairy who has the ability to feel everyone’s emotions, and feelings. She’s an empath, and another suitemate of Bloom. She starts dating Sam, the brother of Terra.

Terra: An earth fairy with kind heart who always seems to be insecure because of her chubby body. She is also a first-year student, and a suitemate of Bloom.

Aisha: A water fairy, and an other suitemate of Bloom. She is an athlete, and a first-year student at Alfea.

Beatrix: An air fairy who can manipulate and use electricity present in the air. She has been secretly working for Rosalind, and Andreas.

Riven: A second-year specialist, friend of Sky who’s supposedly a bully, and is romantically involved with Beatrix.

Dane: A first year student at Alfea, who becomes friends with Beatrix and Riven after ditching Terra.

Rosalind: The ex-headmistress of Alfea, and the one who left Bloom in the first world. She has her own secret agendas, and has been held imprisoned by Farah Dowling until the end of the first season.

Farah Dowling: She is the headmistress of Alfea, and the one who found Bloom, and brought her to the otherworld.

Silva: He is the fencing instructor at Alfea who trains the students to become specialists. He is the legal guardian of Sky.

Ben Harvey: The botany teacher at Alfea. He’s the father of Terra, and Sam.

Andreas: Father of Sky, a specialist who’s presumed dead, and killed by Silva.

Vanessa, and Mike: The adoptive human parents of Bloom. They were unaware of the fact that Bloom isn’t their biological daughter, and a fairy.


The story of the Fate: The Winx Saga revolves around the fairies, and specialists of the Alfea College. Basically, this live-action reboot is a darker version of the animated winx club series. Its main characters include a group of teenage fairies one of which is the center of focus, and attention in the entire series. Bloom, a fire fairy is the center of attention in this series because a powerful magic runs inside her. About the powerful magic, it is the dragon flame, an ancient magic curse of which turned a bunch of war soldiers into burned ones. Whereas the burned ones are known to be evil entities which threaten the lives of all the magical, and non-magical beings.

So, about the story of Fate: The Winx Saga, it started with Bloom arriving at Alfea as a first-year student. She eventually becomes friends with her suitemates Stella, Musa, Aisha, and Terra. All of them seems to be entangled in their own problems yet they finds a way to help each other out.

Along with these  fairies, we have another teenage fairy in the story: Beatrix’s known to be working for Rosalind, an evil fairy. She disguises herself as a first year student to enter into Alfea only to find a way to free Rosalind.

Beatrix manipulates Bloom, and tries to turn her against Farah Dowling. She feeds her with lies that Dowling, Silva, and Ben killed her parents along with a hundred of innocent people.

The confused Bloom ends up falling in the trap set up by Rosalind, and frees her from the 16-year imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the burned ones attacks the school as Rosalind lures them by breaking the barrier. Bloom realizes that the burned ones are after her so she lures them away from the school. By following what the Rosalind told her, she ends up removing the curse of the burned ones. They turns out to be normal yet dead human beings. In the process of removing the curse, Bloom transforms herself to a full fairy (a fairy with fire wings).

By the end of the season 1, we witnessed that Rosalind takes over the Alfea after killing Dowling. The queen of Solaria aids, and abet her in taking over the control. Moreover, Andreas, the father of Sky turns out to be alive. Rosalind, Queen, and Andreas have Silva arrested for attempting murder of Andreas because he would never let them take over.

It all happens when Bloom along with her friends went to visit her human parents. She tells them her truth, and they accepts her anyways.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1 ended with Bloom, Terra, Stella, Musa, and Aisha arriving at Alfea back from the First World only to find Rosalind, Queen, and Andreas waiting for them at the gate of the Alfea.

Character Analysis of Winx Fairies

Bloom seems to upset, and confused because of her newly found yet supposedly dangerous powers. Moreover, when she finds out the truth about her being a changeling, she couldn’t make peace with this fact, and becomes more restless. Well, on the bright side, she becomes the love interest of Sky (by the end of the first season, they become romantically involved with each other).

Stella, the princess appears to be a fashionable, and a mean girl who’s obsessed with her ex-boyfriend. However, she turns out to be a troubled kid who’s being crushed by her queen mother’s expectations, and pressure which causes her lose control over her magic, and ends up blinding her own best friend.

Musa seems to be finding an escape from her uncontrollable empathy. She struggles with her powers because she can’t do anything except for feeling what everyone surrounding her is feeling: fear, insecurity, anxiety, happiness, chaos, etc. Anyhow, she succeeded in finding her haven of refuge: Terra’s brother Sam turns out to be the one who makes her feel happy and peaceful.

Terra seems to be having trouble making friends or get along with people. She’s a smart, and an intelligent yet talkative fairy. People makes fun of her because of her fat body which results her feeling insecure, and anxious.

Aisha seems to be fit, and strong yet with the passage of time, she seems to be failing control her powers.