Quick Details of The Tyler Childers Song “Feathered Indians,” Lyrics


‘Feathered Indians’ is sung by American and British singer-songwriter Tyler Childers was released on August 4, 2017.


On June 21, 1991, Tyler Childers was born as Timothy Tyler in Lawrence County, Kentucky, to a coal industry worker, Cody Childers.


After his music mixture of country music, folklore, and blues, he became famous. His album “Purgatory” made him famous online in August 2017.


Feathered Indians Lyrics

Feathered Lyrics



Artist’s Biography

Gender: Male

Birth Name: Timothy Tyler Childers

Date of Birth: 21st June 1991

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Age: 30 years (as of 2022)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Country Singer

Instagram: @timmytychilders


Quick Details of the song


Song – Feathered Indians

Artist: Tyler Childers

Released: 2017

Album: The “Purgatory”

Produced by: David Ferguson, Sturgill Simpson, Johnny Cash engineer

From start to finish, this song tells a story, as Feathered Indians progress, newfound love changes him and he feels that her presence in his life has made him better.

“Feathered Indians” going Gold is another great achievement for artists that are being basically neglected by the mainstream.