FX Has Officially Confirmed: American Horror Story Season 10 Delayed Till 2021!

The American Horror Story season 10 is delayed until 2021, and this is confirmed news from FX. Most of the series has seen an identical situation within the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic features a wide-ranging effect on all the sectors, and therefore the show biz isn’t unfamiliar with the spread of this pandemic.

It was only every week before when Ryan Murphy, the showrunner, thought of starting the filming process by the top of summer. Unfortunately, this is often something that may expect by the large pool of fans.

Why The Series Got Delayed

There are already many queries in filming the series, and on top of it, the delay thanks to coronavirus has also affected the method. The series is profoundly affecting due to the climate. Because many shooting parts are counting on the season and weather. However, they were expecting to remake the series this summer.

Because several parts of the series are expecting to shoot during a particular climate type. It may raise the dilemma within the minds of the producers and other members of the cast.

One of the largest dilemmas for producers is determining if the series will wait or they should move with subsequent season. This is the prominent reason for the delay in airing the tenth season until 2021. This seems to have the brunt of this pandemic series.

Ryan Murphy looks to be pretty excited about the spinoff series which FX has planned. The spinoff series is predicting to air from next season. Therefore, it is often the reason people don’t want to miss the tenth season.

The spinoff series are familiar in people as American Horror Stories and fans are anticipating tons for the upcoming Tv shows. The series will drop its premiere next year. Whereas, Ryan Murphy seems to be excited about the upcoming spinoff. It’ll be a weekly anthology series that’s getting to have a unique presentation.

Further Updates

The series will come with different horror stories every week. It may not follow one strand, and it’ll be more vibrant. Although much detail hasn’t surfaced in news and producers are getting to keep the series discreet. Multiple storylines and speculations do the rounds on the web, but we won’t be focusing thereon and can restrict official announcements.