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Genevieve Knight Hannelius was born on December 22, 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Her father is of Swedish descent while her mother has English, Irish and German ancestry. Hannelius began acting at the age of 11. She made her television debut appearing in the ABC series Surviving Suburbia (2009).

After she turned three, she relocated to Falmouth, Maine with her parents, and she remained there for most of her childhood. Since she was a little child, she adored taking the stage at school and other community events.

G Hannelius is a talented performer, therefore it was only natural for him to gravitate toward the stage. During her early years as an actress, she was cast as Madeline in the play “Madeline’s Rescue” and also as Jenny in “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.” Both of these roles were her breakthrough performances.

Her parents were very supportive of her involvement in the community theatre and made it a point to watch every performance she was in. After concluding that their daughter could have a successful career as an actor, they took her to Los Angeles to meet with an agency.

Hannelius’s profession will be easier to pursue thanks to the decision made by her family to set up permanent residence there. In 2008, they decided to make Los Angeles their permanent home.

Nevertheless, the United States was experiencing a recession during that year, and the business sector as a whole was not doing particularly well. She was nevertheless successful in obtaining offers, and she made her debut on national television for the first time in an advertisement for the “Aquarium of the Pacific.”

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A Young Creative Person

After receiving an invitation to play the lead part of Courtney Patterson in the sitcom ‘Surviving Suburbia’ on ABC in 2009, G Hannelius launched her career in the television industry. She shared the set alongside veteran television actors such as Bob Saget and Cynthia Stevenson, among others.

The show had a total of thirteen episodes throughout one season before it was canceled as a result of low ratings. In 2009, she appeared in a couple of guest parts on Disney Channel shows, including “Rita Rocks” as Brianna Boone and “Hannah Montana” as Tiffany. Both of these performances brought her to the attention of Disney.

She became a recurring character in several of Disney’s hit shows after signing a deal with the company in 2009 that was to last for three years and committing her talents to Disney. Her breakthrough came when she was cast as Dakota Condor in the Disney sitcom “Sonny with a Chance.” She was cast in the series throughout both the first and second seasons, and her role in the series spanned a total of six episodes.

In the Disney film “Den Brother,” which she starred in with Hutch Dano in 2010, she was cast as the lead character, Emily Pearson. On August 13th, when it was broadcast, 4.3 million people were watching.

In the year 2010, Hannelius starred in a recurring role as Jo Keener in the popular coming of age sitcom ‘Good Luck Charlie,’ which was produced by Disney. Her character appeared in a total of four episodes throughout that year. She even landed the role of Janie in the fantasy-adventure movie “The Search for Santa Paws” which was filmed in Hollywood.

She appeared as Ms. Dempsey on the television show ‘I’m in the Band’ in 2011, and she played Maddy Tinnelli in the movie ‘Love Bites that same year. During that same year, she provided her voice for the character Rosebud in the animated feature “Spooky Buddies” and starred in the non-television pilot of “Madison High.”

A Leading Disney Performer and a Voice Actor

G Hannelius was cast as the main character in the Disney sitcom “Dog with a Blog” in the year 2012, and the premiere of the show on the Disney Channel took place on October 12, 2012. In the series, she portrayed Avery Jennings, a character who possessed a high level of intelligence and who was also Chloe and Tyler Michael’s step-sister.

The program aired for a total of 69 episodes throughout three seasons, during which Hannelius performed the song “Friends Do,” which introduced the audience to her abilities as a vocalist.

During the time that she was filming ‘Dog with a Blog,’ she had a cameo in an episode of the Disney series ‘Jessie’ titled ‘Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening’ as the character of Mackenzie. She is currently well-known for her work as a voice actor and has appeared in several episodes of several television series as a guest star. Some of the parts she has done include Amanda in “Fish Hooks,” Lady Joy in “Sofia the First,” and Little Bits in “Wander Over Yonder.”

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She reprised her role as Rosebud in the films Treasure Buddies’ (2012) and ‘Super Buddies’ (2013), both of which were released straight to DVD. She was cast as a voice actor in the film that was produced for home video.

The television program “Dog with a Blog” went off the air in 2015, with its final episode being broadcast on September 25 of that year. The following year, she appeared as a special guest star in the second episode of the television miniseries “Roots,” playing the role of Missy Waller.

Young Entrepreneur & Singer

She began uploading videos to her channel on YouTube, which is known as “GbyGNailArt,” in the year 2011. However, it wasn’t until 2013 when she started routinely publishing videos about nail art that the channel started gaining visitors.

In 2014, she formed a partnership with Watson Creative and MINX Nails, and the following year, she established her firm and brand under the name ‘Make Me Nails.’ This was done so that she could take her nail art creativity to a whole new level.

On her channel, she demonstrates how to use the product through a series of videos, and she has also developed a mobile application for the device. To promote her mobile app, she entered into a partnership with the digital marketer Lauren Jones.

Hannelius has published approximately ten singles on “iTunes,” and several of his songs, including “Moonlight,” “Stay Away,” “4:45,” and “Lighthouse,” have been downloaded more than once.

Important Works

Her role in the pilot episode of the sitcom ‘Surviving Suburbia’ was undoubtedly her most memorable performance to date. At the beginning of the first season, the show had a very promising rating that ranged from 6 to 7 out of 10, and it had an audience of 12 million people. However, the show’s rating began to decline toward the end of the first season.

She went to Salt Lake City, Utah, to shoot her debut TV film, which was titled “Den Brother,” in which she played a major role as the younger sibling of the lead actor, Hutch Dano. The film was shot in Utah. The young actors’ portrayals of the roles they played helped the film achieve a lot of success, and they garnered praise for their work.

One of her most successful roles to date as an actor is in the web series “Dog with a Blog.” The television show in which she plays the leading role was lauded by ‘Common Sense Media’ for having “heartwarming themes about families’ and ‘Variety’ for being fun for “little youngsters hearing Stan express dog-like thoughts.'”

The prestigious “Emmy Awards” have recognized “Dog with a Blog” with nominations in the categories of “Outstanding Children’s Program” for each of the past three years, from 2014 to 2016. Additionally, it was recognized with a nomination for the “Kid’s Choice Award” in the category of “Favorite TV Show” in both 2015 and 2016.

Personal Life

In 2015, Hannelius shared a photo on ‘Instagram’ featuring herself and Jack Choate, the man she was dating at the time. However, they quickly went their separate ways. She began a relationship with a musician named Barrett in June of 2018.

She is also a singer and an actress, and she plays the piano. She is skilled in horseback riding, fencing, acrobatics, and ballet, and she has a soft spot in her heart for critters. She has a dog that she calls Shumai, a cat that she calls Sammy, and a hamster that she calls Minnie.

Volunteering at the organization’ A Window Between Worlds,’ which supports the arts and works to end domestic abuse, is an important cause for Hannelius.

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