How to Fix a VCF File

Many email clients and address book programmes, such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Contacts, use VCF (Virtual Contact File) files. It contains contact information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and much more. Knowing how to edit VCF files can be very useful if you want to manage these types of contacts effectively.

This blog post will walk you through the steps necessary to edit a VCF file so that all of your contact information is up to date. If you want to import your contacts into an email client, simply import VCF to Outlook and manage them from there.

Without further ado, let’s look at how to modify data in a VCF file.VCF File

Three Methods for Editing the VCF File

To be honest, the process can be a little difficult, but with the right tools and instructions, it’s quite doable. There are three main ways to edit information:

Text editor Software designed specifically for editing VCF files Online tool
Each method has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s go over them in depth first.

Making Use of a Text Editor

Text editors are available on all operating systems and are fairly simple to use. It is important to note, however, that editing a VCF file with a text editor may be more difficult than using software specifically designed for this purpose, and it is not as comprehensive. Before beginning any editing process, it is best to keep a backup of the original files. To edit using this method, follow these steps:

Making Use of Software

One method for editing a VCF file is to use software designed specifically for that purpose. Many of these programmes include useful extras such as data validation tools. These programmes, however, can be more expensive than other options. To edit using this method, follow these steps:

Download the necessary software programme.

Once downloaded to your computer’s hard drive, instal and run the programme.
While making any desired changes, use any applicable programme features (data validation tools, for example).
Once finished, save your edited document.

Using Online Resources

  • Most people prefer an online tool because they do not need to instal any additional software and can access it from any location with an internet connection.
  • Here’s a step-by-step guide to editing a VCF file with an online tool:
  • Navigate to the website that offers such a service in your web browser.
  • Click the “Select VCF file” button on the website and upload the VCF file from your device.
  • The contents of the file will be displayed on a screen where you can make any necessary changes.

Save your changes by pressing the “Download” button, which will download the edited file to your device in.vcf format, usually with a different name than the original, so rename accordingly if needed or to the desired location before importing.vcf into another programme or application as needed.

Finally, import the edited vcf into its destination system, such as a phone contact list or other system that requires user information in vcf format.

It should also be noted that different tools may have different features and capabilities, as well as different terms of service, so keep that in mind before deciding which platform best suits your needs! Also, always make a backup copy of the original files before attempting to change them.

VCF File


By editing VCF files, you can ensure that your contact information is always correct and up to date. Learning the fundamentals of editing is simple, but it’s critical to remember to back up your original files before making any changes.

Online tools can also help you process changes more quickly, but you must be aware of any security risks they may pose. This guide has provided you with all of the information you need to manage contact information in an efficient, quick, and secure manner.


Q: How do I run a VCF file?

How do you get Excel to open a VCF file? Go to File > Open and then choose All Files. Find your file and click on it. Then, follow the steps in the Text Import Wizard, and Excel will show your VCF file.

Q: How do I turn VCF files into contacts?

Use Windows Explorer to change.vcf files to.csv files.

You can open Windows Explorer by pressing (Windows key + E).

Go to your user directory, then click on /contacts.

Click on Import in the menu at the top.

Choose vCard (VCF file) from the list of things to import, then click Import.

Q: How do I unlock a VCF file?

How to get a VCF file to work. VCF files are plain text files, so any text editor, like Microsoft Notepad (Windows), Apple TextEdit (Mac), or GitHub Atom, can be used to open and look at them (cross-platform).

Q: How do I open a VCF file and change it?

A VCF file can be changed with almost any text editor. On Windows 10, right-click on the file and choose “Open With” to open it. Choose Notepad from the list of apps, or you can use Text Edit Plus, which has a much cleaner interface, to edit the VCF file.