How to lose Weight: Best Practices to Control Weight Based on Science

As we are habitual of consuming fat-fetching fast food and sugary drinks, obesity tends to blemish the beautiful symmetrical body structure of the body.

The common issue of fatness is the not working of our physical structure. I mean, we are too dependent on technology that we do not walk and make our bod to move. For weight loss, you should burn more calories than what you eat by utilizing energy.

Here I’ll discuss some ways to burn our body and make your body slim and trim like a ramp walking model.


Exercise is the best way to control weight. It prevents obesity as it burns calories. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also strengthen your muscles. It brings positive mood changes and prevents a person from many chronic diseases.

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 Take a Balanced Diet

Aside from exercise, diet follows up is one of the quickest ways to reduce weight. As I discussed earlier, we people are not so much concerned about what we are eating and the drastic effect it will have on our bodies.

Experts say, what you eat, your body will have a shape like that. For example, if you like to eat burgers daily, your body size will expand like a burger. So, you should eat a balanced diet with proper portions.

Many diet plans are available in the market, don’t follow them blindly. I advise you to consult your physician before following it.

 Drink Plenty of Water

Water intake is good as it purifies our body rather than uses sugar-containing drinks. Drinking water before lunch reduces food intake.

Water detoxifies harmful substances, and in this way, our body functionalizes normally, which results in weight loss.

Home Remedies For Weight Loss

There are several people who every day tell them to reduce their weight by using some ingredients that are available in the kitchen.

  •  Lose Weight by Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is obtained by fermenting apple juice. It helps to kill bacteria in the intestine and lower sugar levels. In this way, weight is control.

Use apple cider vinegar after taking food two times a day. It will digest food quickly by mobilizing metabolic activity.

  •  Use Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Mint

These are so flavoring that its aroma enhances the taste of food. You can add it to your tea and can make a separate drink of it.

This is not only one quality these have, but also these can help to digest food quickly and weight is lost by this.

  •    Use Lemon

Lemon is citrus. It controls the PH level as well as aids in digestion. Lemon keeps the body hydrated and controls hunger. So, it helps in weight loss.

  •    Take Green Tea

Many people among us, after an exhausting day, like to take tea and coffee. Is not it better to lose weight with tea? For this, just replace your milky black tea or coffee with healthy fresh green tea.

Green tea contains healthier biotic components that help you to burn fat. For a quick reduction of weight use it after each meal.

  • Use Honey

Honey is nutritious, and it is less harmful than sugar. It does not make our body sugar level so high. Honey is used to treat many digestive issues.

Intake honey before the start of the day activates the body enzymes, so you do not feel laziness and works quickly, which helps in digestion and weight loss. You can take honey water before sleep too.

  •     Drink Natural Juices Instead of Sugar-Containing Juices

Carbonated juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks contain a high amount of sugar. Sugar intake makes you fat. So, try to replace it with natural juices.

  • Replace Snacks With Vegetables and Fruits

Ready-made snacks are mostly rich in fats and oils, which makes your body fat. Try to use vegetables and fruits during snack time. This habit will lead you to control your weight.

  •  Replace your fats and cooking oil with mustard oil, coconut oil, and olive oil

We eat food made in cooking oil, which does not have a good effect on health. Replace it with mustard oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.


It is not a big deal to control weight. When you take a healthy diet, do exercise on a regular basis, and sleep well, you’ll never end up gaining extra weight. If you do not follow a healthier lifestyle, you will have to pay in the form of obesity. Anyhow, to lose weight, particularly by natural means, you can follow the rapid weight loss tips given above. We hope that any of these weight loss methods will work out for you, and you’ll get rid of obesity-causing fats once and for all.