How to Make Your Own E-Juice

As the vape market keeps growing larger, some vapers are now eager to experiment with making DIY vape juices.

Producing your own e-juice at home could be a smart way to save money and learn more about vaping.

DIY vape liquids are economical and they allow you to add your choice of flavors to your e-cigarette.

Far from what is commonly believed, making your own recipe of custom e-juice is not that complex.

You just need to get your hands on the right ingredients and customize your recipe to produce your favorite e-juice.

A simple way to make e-juice

Making e-juices involves mixing the main ingredients to your requirements e-liquids. That’s to say, you will need the base liquids of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and some flavor concentrates.

However, users who prefer not to use e-liquids containing nicotine or extra flavors can choose to not include these ingredients in their recipes.


  •   Buy about 100mL each of PG and VG, and get a bottle with a premade base.
  •   Include some 50mL plastic bottles and plastic pipettes to your list of materials.
  •   Select the DIY vape juice flavorings of your choice
  •   Use your pipette to add 10 to 20 drops of your favorite flavorings into the empty plastic bottle
  •   Half-fill the bottle with PG and top up the rest with VG
  •   Shake the contents of the bottle, and allow a few hours for the bubbles to settle.
  •   You have prepared 50mL of vape juice. Enjoy it.

Methods of mixing DIY e-juice

You can either mix your e-juice ingredients by weight or by volume.

  •   Mixing by weight

Using a scale, you will need to weigh each ingredient and note its specific gravity. For example, 1mL of VG is heavier than 1mL PG. If you have problems with the calculations, using an e-juice calculator may be helpful.

  •   Mixing by volume

Here, you will have to measure the volume of each ingredient by using a syringe. You may also use e-juice calculators to determine how much nicotine base will be enough to reach the strength you want. Click here for info on the best e-liquids.

Ingredients to avoid when making your own e-juice

While making your own e-liquid at home can be fun, there are some ingredients that you should try to avoid.

  •   Flavoring types that are not commonly used in vape juices may be dangerous
  •   High-strength nicotine. Excessive amounts of nicotine are not healthy for your body
  •   Essential oils and other forms of oils may be dangerous
  •   Distilled water and vodka. These two ingredients are highly debated among the DIY community. However, it’s advisable to avoid adding them to your e-juice recipe.
  •   While some people believe that water boosts flavor, it can actually cause your vape to pop. Instead of using water to dilute your e-liquid, stick with PG and VG as your base liquids.

After making your e-juice, label it according to the VG/PG ratio, amount of nicotine, percentage of flavor, and date of manufacture. Once your e-juice has been steeped, you can use a rebuildable atomizer to test it.