I Saw the Future with the Killer Grand Duke, Chapter 33: Recap, Release Date, and Spoilers

In the previous chapter, we saw a tense meeting between Peony and the hero, who magically gains control over Peony’s body. Surprisingly, Peony addresses the leading character as her brother, as she is under mysterious control. She is in a challenging situation and is presumed to have disappeared one day.

Even with initial doubt, the protagonist connects the dots, as Peony reveals. Looking for help before a wedding meeting, she senses the impending takeover of her body. The truth unfolds as Peony admits that the leading role is not her sibling.

This exposure stimulates the protagonist to claim for getting into Peony’s body and advises them to stop her from feeling hurt. The severity of the condition sinks in as the hero reflects on the turns of fate that brought them to this confusing dilemma.

The mystery confuses fans after Colonel Brinhide Anneto’s name is changed. He leaves the characters and fans with a question mark by confusing them about the protagonist’s real identity. The protagonist remains elusive when the conversation between them is revealed. It neither declares nor refuses their real character as the former Grand Duchess.

Hilde, however, tries to get the revelation, delivering a complex reflection on the past actions of the novel’s hero and putting everyone in another twist of their accurate recognition. Let’s look at the release date of I Saw the Future with the Killer Grand Duke Chapter 33, the timing, and where to get an online stream.

I Saw the Future with the Killer Grand Duke


Chapter 32 of I Saw the Future with the Killer Grand Duke is a very confusing episode of this novel. It revolves around the Peony, who somehow believes that she will disappear from the earth one day. She discusses the meeting and the wedding with the protagonist, whom she thought was her brother. By explaining all the confusing matters, she asked for help.

At first, the protagonist thinks her explanation is a nonsense mess and imagination. Later, things will take a U-turn when the hero tries to remember Peony that she is not his sister.

The leading role is present in the Peony’s body and reveals to the Peony that they should be happy in their new condition and neglect any bad feelings. The name of Colonel Brinhilde Anneto pops up in the series when they are trying to understand the situation, raising another confusing thing. At that point, everyone, including the leading character, became uncertain. Now, they are still determining what will happen next.

The story gets more interesting when someone resembles the main character and identifies them despite their changed names. Here, the actual reality about the hero’s real name is uncovered, but all the confusion does not solve the mystery, as they hide some information and do not explain all the facts. These unexplained facts bother Hilde, who surprisingly wonders why the necessary information is not revealed here.

Another Christian character responds passionately to the disclosure. The hero is trying to prove their identity by recalling a past event related to a burned handkerchief. The Christian character saved the last burned piece of that handkerchief, which became a shred of supporting evidence for the leading character in getting their real identity.

I Saw the Future with the Killer Grand Duke

The chapter ends with everyone believing that they have to tell others, including Mr. Dessen and Colonel Brinhilde Anneto. However, everyone can only admit their miraculous and unbelievable condition with solid proof. Seeking another wizard adds another thrilling point in the plotline and points out a more spiritual element.

Simply, we can say that the previous chapter of this series is a big puzzle with some missing pieces. Peony believes she has lost her existence and admits that the leading character is not her brother. There is a discussion about the meeting and wedding, and he needs some help, making everything uncertain and confusing for everyone, including the story’s readers. The protagonist exists in the Peony’s body and requests that the Peony be happy in this shocking situation to eliminate unnecessary and awkward situations.

Along with all the mess, things became worse when the name of Colonel Brinhilde Anneto was mixed with their identities. This twist leaves all with a jaw-dropping moment. Now, what will happen next in the chapter 33? Everyone scratches their heads to know. As the journey of confusion progresses, one of the protagonist’s friends, Hilde, discovers their real identities besides their magical appearances.

Now, it is time to know whether Hilde’s perception of the Peony and the protagonist is correct. Will the Peony eliminate all these magical effects along with the protagonist? To get the answer to this headache query, watch I Saw the Future with the Killer Grand Duke Chapter 33 on the day and timing explained below.

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Release Date & Where to Read Online

I Saw the Future with the Killer Grand Duke Chapter 33 was released worldwide on January 22, 2024. Here are the details about its release time and date for different countries.

  • Korean Standard Time: 01:00 PM on Monday, January 22, 2024
  • Japanese Standard Time: 01:00 PM on Monday, January 22, 2024
  • Australian Capital Territory: 02:00 PM on Monday, January 22, 2024
  • Eastern European Time: 06:00 AM on Monday, January 22, 2024

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