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J.K. Rowling, an Inspiration!


Do you believe in magic? Is it real? Do miracles happen even in the contemporary times?                            Just be all ears to the inspiring story of J.K Rowling, the writer of the world’s most magical novel series namely known as Harry Potter, and you’ll definitely start believing that miracles do happen and magic is real that can make your hard work pay off!

For me, J.K Rowling is not just a British author who in three years went from being a welfare mother with a passion to write and a hell of struggles to earn a livelihood to the richest woman in Great Britain. Neither she is just an author who made my childhood magical nor only a woman whose success story put me in tears and motivated me to make my life worth living. For me, she is an inspiration whose magic runs through my mind.

The point being here is that where J.K rowling’s Harry Potter gave me a bundle of magical books to read, and fascinating films to watch million times, there her biopic; her life story vent a bunch of inspirations to keep going, and motivation to live up to my dreams regardless of the endless failures.

Magic Beyond Words: The J.K Rowling Story

If you are good with wordplay and find yourself apt enough to become a writer then you must watch the worth-apperitiaing biopic of J.K Rowling. You must have watched the Harry Potter films or probably have read its novels written by Rowling. No doubt the way she has wrote the novels, and illustrated the entire story through the films is remarkable but what you really need to encourage your inner writer is to give her biopic a watch. Yes, watch J.K Rowling’s biopic entitled Magic Beyond Words to grab a hold on what is the true meaning of magic and mircale that would be enough to change your life.

Jonne had everything required to become a writer except for the money and resources to publicize her writings. She had the passion to write; a hunger for creativity, all that’s required by someone to ink their thoughts. What she didn’t has was peace, money, and facilities. Her mother died, her father re-married, her own marriage failed while having a little girl to raise even without a job. Now, imagine a welfare mother; a single parent living in an era without an interent connection by your place having the courage to write a magical story worth remembering all the life.

If She Can Do it then Why Can’t We?

Can you help thinking, and imgining what your life looks like when you do have a skill to pave your way to success but instead you keep hyping up yourself with the bundle of depression, stress, and anxiety all caused by your failuers or shall I say by an inability to see reckon how valuable is what you already have and achieved. Isn’t it would be devastating if despite of having a resourceful life you end up doing nothing?

What I am tryign to imply is that if a welfare mother in the times without the interent can become the Britian’s richest woman then can’t you do the same even with having a bundle of resources to assist and aid you?

She did all that just by following her passion alongwith a touch of a firm determination to neither fail nor give up. So, why this can’t be you or me? In the contemporary times, we have a bundle of advanced technologies including instant interent connectivity amidst a dire need and desire to not only earn a livelihood but also earn a name, and fame. Then why we can’t keep going? Why we always keep making excuses for our failures or inabilities to do something magical like J.K did. By the way, what I am calling magical isn’t her magical stories that she wrote, in my view, what is truly magical she did was to not quit or give up on her passion and dreams.

Joanne Rowling is an Inspiration for Us Because….

Although she never dreamed to become a billionare or a worldwide famous author, she did dream to become a writer because she was passionate about it, and had an urge to do something creative; something innovative; and out of the box. What she did is worth-appericiating not because her books endorse her talent but also manifests her struggles, and an utmost desire to succeed with or without the fame.

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