Jacintha Darlene Gardner- Net worth, age full biography

Chris Gardner, who is well-known in business, has a daughter named Jacintha Darlene Gardner. She came into the world on October 5, 1985. Her mother’s name is Jackie Medina, and she is Chris Gardner’s second wife. She was born in the United States, in the city of Los Angeles.

Christopher Jarret Medina is Chris Gardner’s son. Christopher and Jarret get along well with each other.

People know Jacintha because her father made a lot of money. Jackie Medina, her mother, was in school to become a dentist. After the affair had been going on for four months, Jacintha was born.

Jacintha Darlene Gardner

Chris Gardner tried to do well at Dean Witter Reynolds and become a top student. Every day, he got to work early and stayed late, making decisions for customers who were about to call. His goal was to make 200 calls every day.

Before Jacinta was born, Jackie went away for four months with her son. When she came back, she left her son with Gardner. Since they didn’t have much money back then, he worked for a small wage and was able to pay for a small room.

Chris Gardner’s daughter is Jacintha Darlene Gardner.

Chris Gardner is a famous entrepreneur. His total wealth is $70 million. Chris Gardner is also an author and a motivational speaker. The most popular book by Chris Garnder is called “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

As Chris’s life has been hard and well-thought-out. The movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” was made by Gabriele Muccino, who was inspired by his book. This made people know about his life story.

He was happy to let his son be the only one in charge. After all, kids weren’t allowed in the living house where he lived. Even though Gardner had a good job, he and his child secretly lived on the streets while he saved money for a rental property in Berkeley.

Then, Gardner’s coworkers didn’t know that he and his child had been living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District without money for almost a year. Gardner often worked two jobs so he could put his child in daycare. Even though Gardner was having trouble, he had found a place to live.

When he got back in touch with Jackie, they already had a second child, a girl named Jacintha Gardner.