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Model and actress Jasmine Waltz is a native of the United States. She first came to public attention after competing on the British edition of the reality show Celebrity Big Brother in 2014 and 2017.

She appeared on the show in seasons 13 and 19, both of which caused a wave of excitement among the audience; however, to everyone’s surprise, she was voted out on day 13 in both seasons.

Jasmine Waltz Biography

On the 22nd of August, 1982 found Jasmine Waltz was born in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America. At this point, she is 39 years old.

Full Name Jasmine Lynne Waltz
Nickname Jas, Jazzy
Networth $2 Million
Profession Actor, Model
Nationality America
Age 40 Years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth August 22, 1982
Birthplace United States
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Leo
Relationship Dating
Instagram Jasmine Waltz

Family life and academic pursuits

There is not a great deal of information that is known concerning her parents or her childhood.

Jasmine was a notorious young woman from the time she was a teenager. She was frequently labeled as undisciplined, and as a result, her parents had her locked up in a high-security girls’ school when she was 16 years old.

After some time, she uprooted her life and moved to Miami to pursue a career in modeling. Concurrently, she enrolled in the modeling program at the University of Florida Performing Arts, where she remained a student for three years. For to pay for her education, she took jobs as a bartender in some of Hollywood’s most popular nightclubs.

Jasmine Waltz Boyfriend and Love Life

Waltz has an extensive history of romantic partnerships with prominent figures in the entertainment industry. The dates available for Jasmine Waltz are as follows:

Sean Stewart –Both of these actors dated for a short period, but Waltz broke up with Sean Stewart in the middle of their courtship because Sean has been linked to several arrests.

Ryan Seacrest-Jasmine’s relationship with Ryan Seacrest was more of an on-and-off affair than anything else. On the other hand, they officially parted ways in 2014.

Jesse McCartney (2009-2010) – Jesse McCartney, an American singer, and actor, was Jasmine’s boyfriend for a little while. He is a significant amount of years her junior.

Chris Pine — Both of them were seen together in several locations, including those in which Chris was observed clicking and picking at her.

David Arquette – The relationship between Jasmine and David had been going strong for some time. David had even admitted in public that he had slept with her twice and defended her against allegations that she was the reason for the separation from his wife. He did both of these things after his wife had accused him of having an affair with her.

Doug Reinhardt – Dated briefly.

Vinny Guadagnino – Jasmine has been romantically involved with reality star Vinny Guadagnino for a short period.

Jasmine Waltz

Danny Cipriani_ Jasmine Waltz dated the English rugby player Danny Cipriani for a short period before they broke up in 2010.

Jasmine was seen having a good time with him the night before his 47th birthday, the day before he turned 47. David Spade (2011)

Lee Ryan (2014) – The two celebrities had a brief romantic relationship together.

Jasmine was said to have had an affair with the musician, Shannon Leto, in the year 2014, according to various rumors.

Luisa Zissman: During their time together on Celebrity Big Brother (2014), the two of them developed a romantic attachment to one another. They even managed to keep their relationship going though they were on a reality show together.

Simon Rex– Jasmine Waltz’s past romantic involvements include a whirlwind romance with the American actor Simon Rex.

Calum Best – At one point in the past, the two of them were romantically involved.

Body Measurements of Jasmine Waltz

Tatto N/A
Height 5 feet 6 Inch
Weight 50 Kg
Hip size 31 inch
Waste size 24 inch
Body Type Slim
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Bra Size 36C

Statistics Used in the Profession

Film Debut

In the movie “Bad Boys 11,” which was released in 2003, Jasmine Waltz had a small part. Her first role for which she received credit was a bit part in the R-rated film TV: The Movie, which was released in 2006.

Premiere on Television

In 2008, she made an uncredited appearance in both episodes of the television show Dirt. In the same year, she had a role in one of the episodes of the comedy show Buzzin, in which she played herself.

well-known for

As a result of her appearances on the British reality shows Celebrity Big Brother Season 13 (2014) and Season 19, she has achieved fame and recognition on an international scale (2017).

Brand Endorsements

Her endorsements include Yeba Clothing, JW Cosmetics, Protein World, MateFit, NoHo drink, 50 Bleu Vodka, HairBurst vitamin supplements, Hawkers sunglasses, and Sahara Ray swimwear, to name just a few of the many she has worked with throughout her career.

Jasmine Waltz’s Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is estimated that the controversial actress Jasmine Waltz has a net worth of one million dollars. In the past, she has made headlines more often for her personal life than for the work she has done in the entertainment industry. It’s no secret that Jasmine Waltz makes a good living by appearing in commercials and endorsement deals, as well as on television and in films.

Social Media Portfolio

Facebook  “OfficialJasmineWaltz”

Instagram – jasminewaltz

Twitter – jazzy waltz

Jasmine Waltz Facts

Jasmine had a difficult childhood. Her father killed himself, while his brother and Jasmine’s grandfather were killed by another family member.

She admitted that she was completely unaware of the popular reality show before she was selected for the Celebrity Big Brother competition.

She was forced to relocate throughout her childhood to protect herself after her mother deserted her when she was young. Since then, she has been completely independent. She had previously called eight different cities home before relocating to Miami.

In the year 2000, she was arrested for possessing marijuana, which resulted in her spending two days in jail.

In the summer of 2011, her sexually explicit tape was made public. According to Jasmine, she crafted it herself as Valentine’s Day present for her boyfriend.

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Jasmine Waltz hot figure

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