Quick Details of $uicideboy$ Song “Kill Yourself, ,” Lyrics

“Kill Yourself,” the first song came out by $uicideboy$ in 2014 from their EP KILL YOURSELF PART I: The $uicide $aga. American hip hop duo by cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim founded in 2014 from New Orleans, Louisiana. Via platform SoundCloud, the pair shared the music. They rose to popularity for their abrasive, harsh lyrical content and themes, as well as their self-produced beats, mainly featuring substance suicidal ideation.


They both are believed to be some of the most famous artists in the underground rap scene. They operate their own label, G*59 Records, under which all of their music is signed.


In June 2014, their first project together came out, a three-track EP named Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga, on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, attracting attention for their collaboration with notable underground rapper Bones. The pair released nine further iterations of the Kill Yourself series in the following months. After that, on March 3, 2015, their full-length project collaboration with fellow underground artist Black Smurf was released titled Gray/Grey.

Kill Yourself (Part III) Lyrics

Artist’s Biography



  • $crim
  • Ruby da Cherry

Net worth

  • 3 Million Dollars

Known as

  • $uicideboy$
  • $B



  • Underground Rappers

Years Active

  • 2021 – present (9 years)

Founded In

  • New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


  • Hip hop
  • Horrorcore
  • Punk rap
  • Trap metal


  • G*59
  • Virgin

Quick Details of the song

In the track, Part 3 of the “Kill Yourself” singles series, Ruby talks opposing the depression that was initiated by his girlfriend of 5 years breaking up with him. However, $crim was fighting his addiction to his depression and drugs.


On September 7, 2018, the pair came out with their debut studio album; I Want to Die in New Orleans. On their Instagram, they stated that “Inspired by our on the road experiences, we began recording this album at the beginning of 2017 to describe how our lives had become slightly more luxurious.”


In late 2018, a rumor emerged that the group had broken up following a series of alarming tweets. Moreover, they soon explained that the tweets were related to “personal issues” facing Arceneaux and that they had not broken up