King Von’s Baby Mama Shares Pic From His Private Funeral

Kema and the late rapper had a son together who is one year old. Kema posts a picture of his two kids standing in front of his coffin at his funeral on her Instagram Stories.

King Von was laid to rest in Chicago at a private service. The ceremony took place on November 15, and only his closest family and friends were there to make sure that everyone was safe.

Details about where he is buried are also kept secret, but someone who allegedly went to the funeral has said what was going on there. The source told MTO News that it was natural for everyone to feel sad.

Von’s children were also at the funeral, and it was said that they cried when they saw their father’s casket go into the ground. Kema, one of Von’s baby mamas, posted a picture of the rapper’s two kids standing in front of his coffin at his funeral on her Instagram Stories, which backs up what the source said. She put a broken heart emoji over the picture and wrote, “I love you, babyday.”

King Von's Baby

The Private Funeral of King Von

The mother of King Von’s child posted a picture from his private funeral.

King Von was shot when he and a group of men left the Opium Nightclub and went to the Monaco Hookah Lounge on 255 Trinity Avenue. He died on November 6 in Atlanta. Two men came up to the group of people in the parking lot, and a fight broke out. The fight turned into gunfire quickly, killing two men, including Von, and hurting others.

On Saturday, the Atlanta Police Department got warrants to charge Timothy Leeks, who is 22 years old and from Savannah, with felony murder. Von’s rival rapper Quando Rondo is said to be Timothy’s half-brother.

After Von died, Kema, with whom Von had a one-year-old son, wrote a tribute to him on Instagram. “I don’t know what to tell our son. You prepared me for this and told me what to do if this happened, but I’m not strong enough…. Where are you, DayVon? I don’t have no mom, no dad, no grandma, grandpa and no uncles, “She sent pictures of Von with their son along with the letter.

“You said that you’re not going anywhere. We Lost Grandma Just Now…, “She kept crying, and then she praised Von’s mom. “So strong was your mom that I got her. We just talked, and you said that things would get better. We were broke together and planned everything. Things didn’t go as planned, but I thought we had more time.”

“You beat the odds and made it. I won’t tell anyone what you tell me, Your Forever My King. I’m Broken, “She put an end to her post.