Let You Know Total Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints

Every human has the essential and basic need to seek good health and the proper treatment after diagnosing diseases perfectly. Everyone is also eligible for good treatment for their diseases and health problems. When we talk about Total Health Institute, a pleasing and best-fitted image with suitable protocol comes to mind, where you can get the ideal treatment for your illness and discomfort according to the diagnosis and symptoms.

The Health Institute always provides honorable treatment under the observation of trained and professional medical staff. However, appraisal and criticism go hand in hand for this health institute. This institute’s mission and aim are very accomplished. However, Total Health Institute’s complaints, allegations, and the response from the company side will be discussed briefly in this article.

Historical Background

This health institute, founded by Dr. Keith Nemec, has a good reputation. It focuses on overall health treatment and well-being and provides complete knowledge about health in Wheaton, Illinois. Patients are not only treated according to their symptoms but also get treatment after discussing the roots behind a particular disease or health issue. This health institute also provides several health discomforts, such as diet control programs, stress management, and many other therapies, including homeopathy and dentistry.

It also provides a pleasant environment to the treated patients so that they can feel happy and calm during the treatment process. The patients of the institute also said that they were treated there with the mindset that approached complete health relief, including, mind, body, and spirituality.

Background of Health Institute Lawsuit Complaints

Despite a convenient and comprehensive health institute, this health center also faces some criticism sometimes, and several complaints about this medical center are common. Some of the very common ones are listed here as mentioned in chaliflaw.com.

Expensive Treatment

The most common complaint is that the treatment offered by this institute is costly and not affordable to all. Many patients have financial problems, and they are complaining about this costly treatment. It is not affordable for them to be admitted to this center for effective and convenient treatment.

Treatment Efficiency

Apart from the expensive treatment, many complain that this institute is famous for providing effective treatment. They said that providing well-being and overall health does not work effectively for all patients. Some patients also complain that they did not see any recovery or improvement after getting treatment from this health center.

Customer Service Center Issues

Another very common and widespread complaint is about their customer service center. They explain that the customer service is very poor in this institute and patients struggle hard to get reports, appointments, and treatments on time. They blame all of this mess for the long wait services of the institute’s customer service center.

Allegations Against Health Institute

This famous medical center is facing a court lawsuit against complaints regarding wrong medication, expensive treatment, and poor customer center response. Some of the accusations and allegations against this medical center are discussed here.

Frauds and Misleading Claims

This health center is accused of misleading and fraudulent activities that claim the efficacy of its health medication treatment and medicines. It is said that they are using some medicines that are not good for use or expired.

Unlicensed Medical Staff

Secondly, the allegation of unlicensed or non-professional staff is also at the forefront. It shows that this medical center works with uneducated and non-professional medical staff and physicians.

Wrong Medication

Another allegation shows the false treatment reports and wrong medicines which affect the reputation of this health institute negatively. Many patients who were admitted here blamed that they were not treated properly with the right medicines. On the other hand, they also explained that they did not provide the correct reports which is also not a good point.

Response of Institute Regarding Accusation and Claims

The medical center responded to all the accusations and claims promptly. They said all allegations and claims regarding the institute’s treatment, medication, and other activities are not true. They denied all the complaints against the institute from the defendants and patients. However, there has been an important change in this medical center’s operational activities and treatment structure.

To defend the institute and its policies in court, The Health Center hired a legal advisor who fights legal disputes and lawsuits.

If the institute faces a complaint from the client, the health center tries to resolve it peacefully by communicating directly with the parties. In this regard, the institute provides the client discounts, credits, and other services.

This health institute also revises the rules, processes, and policies in response to this lawsuit or regulatory administrations to lawful disputes. By doing this, they guarantee that the legal administration will apply appropriate regulations and laws.

The Health Institute has taken positive decisions to resolve all the allegations and complaints in favor of the clients. They are confirming that they are trying to address all the concerns that have been sued by the patients against this medical center. One of the primary steps taken by the health center is to conduct a thorough investigation of each department to conclude the real causes and areas of development. By doing all these investigation activities, the medical center has pinpointed areas of improvement. They are trying to know the institute’s weaknesses and low services to take action and improve overall patient satisfaction.


By summing up in the last, we can say that it is the first right of every human being to get some proper medication and treatment. Everyone wants some relief from their health discomforts with attention in a peaceful environment. Total Health Institute was maintained to satisfy the basic needs of all clients. And they can get the right treatment at some affordable process under the educated and professional medical staff.

However, this health institute is thriving in its goals and aims. On the other hand, some negative reviews about the health center are still on the top, and they are complaining about the institute’s lawsuit. Some important changes in the institute’s processing structure are inspiring, but the court’s final order will decide the right conclusion for this lawsuit against Total Health Institute.


What is the Total Health Institute?

This institute is a health center that provides an overall health approach to the patients unless of a typical treatment on the base of symptoms.

Who is the founder of this medical center?

The founder of Total Health Institute is Dr. Keith Nemec.

What are the goals and aims of this medical center?

The mission and aim of this health center are to provide the right care to the clients, with suitable diagnoses and the right medication.

What complaints are recorded by the clients?

Some of the most common complaints by the clients against the institute, including expensive treatment, and a poor response from the customer service center.

What are the allegations the institute is facing?

Total Health Institute is facing many accusations and allegations in court. Some of the most important are poor efficiency of treatment, non-professional and uneducated medical staff, and wrong medication with false reports.

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