Low-Quality vs. Good-Quality Vapes: Here is All you need to know

The trend of vaping is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day; especially, among teens. Vaping is seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. Celebrities on social media are being seen to be promoting these cigarette alternatives. The variety of available e-cigarette flavors attracts teens with their enticing packaging and aromas. Have you ever wondered about the quality of vapes and craved to know what’s inside them? Read on to learn more about it.

Unpleasant Symptoms of Cheap Quality

The availability of many vape-selling brands is a source of selling low-quality e-cigarettes. The consequences of which can lead to serious health issues. It is essential to know what your vape contains. Many of the packages do not provide information about what it has. Even if they would do, how can we trust that they are telling the truth? The only thing we know for sure is that vapes that contain low-quality liquids cause a dry mouth and scratchy throat. Also, one might experience an unpleasant chemical stain afterward.

Since all vapes tend to look alike, many carry the motion that all are manufactured in the same way, which is wrong. With hundreds of different producers, e-cigarettes do not originate from the same factory. The components and manufacturing methods vary to a great extent. For instance, Chinese products are manufactured cheaply and contain low-quality content. However, many manufacturers are quality-focused and care about the health and well-being of their consumers. Their e-cigarettes are worth their price.

What is your E-Cigarette made of?

Usually, the primary ingredients of e-cigarettes are VG (vegetable glycerine/glycerol), water, flavors, and PG (propylene glycol). Of course, some e-cigarettes contain nicotine as well. It is normal to consider concentrations less than 8 mg to be mild. Whereas, concentrations above 12 mg are deemed as strong. The e-liquid contains vegetable and propylene glycol to maintain the right balance between the nicotine level and flavor. The perfect balance between all components allows the users to form smoke-like clouds of vapor. The PG and Vg are both organic.

PG vs. VG explained

PG (propylene glycol) based vapes are more commonly available as they tend to get absorbed quicker by the vape’s atomizer wick. Also, compared to VG, PG’s build-up on the e-cigarette coil is slower. Being tasteless and without a scent, PG has a minimal impact on the vape’s test. We know that PG is used as a humectant in food and beauty products as a moisturizing agent. If PG is consistently consumed, it can lead to an itchy throat and dry mouth. Nonetheless, the American Food and Drug Administration has declared PG as harmless.

E-liquids based on VG (vegetable glycol) are at a more tremendous advantage. We know that vegetable glycol is extensively used in the manufacturing of beverages and food items as a humectant, food additive, filler, and sweeter. The humidifying properties of VG are also used in other departments, such as beauty, personal care, and pharmaceutical related products. Naturally, the taste of VG is slightly sweet. As VG has greater density than PG, the generated vapor is more significant. It does not cause an itchy throat or dryness of the mouth. Also, compared to PG, there are lesser reported allergic reactions.

Quality: Good vs. bad

Many vapes that contain cheap and impure ingredients cause a scratchy throat and generate less vapor. Some companies have developed their own recipes while using the purest ingredients, which are according to the health standards. A good-quality e-cigarette features clean taste, less itchiness of the throat, no dryness of mouth, softness, and more vapor. The inclusion of essential oils also ensures that the oral mucosa is kept moist.
The quality of a good vape depends on the atomizer too. The e-liquid can only function well if the atomizer performs correctly. Like other products, the atomizers have evolved as well. Next time you shop for e-cigarettes, make sure you check the ingredients and components of the vape. With numerous online brands, you have to ensure that you get the best vapes for the best price. Do not compromise your health. Buying unknown e-liquids could mean that you are waging your health in favor of saving some money. The best-quality vape will enhance your vaping experience for the better. Stay safe and healthy!