Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Devil Becomes the GOD!

Finally, on 28th May 2021, Netflix dropped Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 that led us to witness Devil’s chance at a happy ending!

Verily, those who have watched it wants more. God knows, how damn excited I am to tell you’ all that this wasn’t the end. Yes, Lucifer has been renewed for another yet final season.

Lucifer’s devilicous journey will come to an end with its sixth, and final season.

For now, let’s find out what the part 2 of Lucifer’s Season 5 has brought for us.

Lucifer Season 5: Review

Lucifer’s fifth season started with a bundle of chaotic yet charismatic twists, and it’s part 2 led us to witness the most unholy event of all the times: Devil Becomes the GOD!

As much as unholy it sounds, the more mesmerizing and hella exciting it is.

Seeing the Devil becoming the God is what you don’t get to witness so damn easily or usually.

In the first half, we saw how Lucifer’s so-called twin, Micheal tried to ruin his life by impersonating him on Earth while he was away rulling over the Hell. Anyhow, Michael couldn’t succeed as Chloe’s sharp eyes got to him. Well, as Michael was creating mess on the Earth so, Lucifer had to come back emptying the Hell’s throne, and he came.

We witnessed Michael’s malicious plotting and planning as he’s hell bound to ruin Lucifer’s life. If you are wondering why he has been doing it then peeps, you must know that Michael hates Lucifer as he shares the same face with him yet he’s way inferior to him. Well, that might be true but as Angels self-actualize, we can say that he sees Lucifer as his competition because he thinks that Lucifer is better than him. It’s not Lucifer’s fault that his shitty twin brother feels offended because of his charms.

You must remember that Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 ended right when God himself arrived on Earth to stop his sons from wagging a war.

Well, at first, on seeing Lucifer’s daddy arriving on Earth, we thought there comes the God’s wrath but that’s not the case.

Actually, all of the God sequences were so full of joy that we couldn’t believe that it could have ever been so fun watching Lucifer. Moreover, the way they added musicals in the series is hella exciting. For sure, you’ll love listening to what Lucifer calls it, Yes, the bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam. Well, if you are wondering about this celestial karaoke jam then you’ll have to watch it yourself; after all its all about the mysterious ways that God works in. 

Now, let’s move ahead to the main point that Lucifer had also been wondering. What the GOD was doing on Earth?

Well, that’s all due to Michael’s courtesy. The mess he created was merely to bring God on Earth. Even the Mazikeen had sided with him because he promised her that he would arrange an audience with God so that she can ask for a soul from him but that’s entirely another story; for another time.

Let’s focus on what God did after arriving on Earth. At first, we couldn’t understand why all of a sudden God came to meet his children from whom he has distanced himself for so long. Well, that’s God you know, him, and his mysterious ways. Anyhow, eventually, we got to understand that God is afraid that he is losing control over his powers, and has decided to retire. That’s why he has come down, and trying to connect with his children, especially, Lucifer.

Well, after a mellenimum of banishing Lucifer from Heaven, and forcing him to rule over the hell, connecting with him seemed a bit more than impossible but God as the dear old Daddy had to try.

So, here we went with God trying to win over Lucifer’s heart. God or no God;  devil or no devil, a father trying to reconnect with his estranged son after years of torment, and guilt just hits so hard, and is so full of emotions that we couldn’t stop from shedding tears on witnessing it all.

Finally, Lucifer made peace with his Father, and we witnessed a heart-melting father-son duo making amends for the past mistakes.

After that, God left with his ex-wife, the Goddess to her universe as he is finally retired. However, he didn’t announce the name of his successor. Again, God’s mysterious ways!!!

Unfortunately, amidst all this, Chloe had to go through a lot. Where Lucifer was dealing with his daddy issues, there she had been wondering where does she stands in Lucifer’s life as he refused to say the three magical words that she has been waiting to hear. Lucifer thought that just like his father, he is incapable of loving. So, Lucifer considering himself unworthy decided to part his ways from Chloe until he proves himself worthy of her. Anyhow, they kept working together as partners in LAPD, and gradually, they grew above all these pointless conflicts.

Well, they might have been pretending that everything’s okay but we know for sure that Chloe’s holding back something. She isn’t ready to leave LAPD, especially, after Dan’s demise, and seeing Trixie shattered at such a fragile twin age, she may not be able to move well with Lucifer’s decision of becoming God.

Now, moving ahead to tell you more about what happened in the next half of the Lucifer Season 5, my heart aches, badly. My heart’s going down while saying this that our detective douche is no more with us. He.. he died. Daniel Espinoza had to die because of Michael. But he died a hero. He was so brave, and so courageous until the end that I can’t even describe his heroism in the words. Dan left us in tears not being able to overcome such an unbearable loss ever!

The worst part about Dan’s death is that he ended up in Hell. He couldn’t deal with his guilts, and those guilt trips led him to hell. Anyhow, I am damn sure that in the finale season, Dan will be able to go to heaven once he understands that he has to make peace with his guilts. For sure, you’ all are also looking forward to know what is Dan’s hell loop, and how he will be able to go through that damn door.

Well, on the bright side, we got to experience so precious, and intensely deep emotions that serves as enlightenment. Seeing Dan leaving was a remineder that nothing lasts forever. Our time is limited, and we must bring it to some good while enjoying, and living life whole-heartedly.  Moreover, it taught us that pain is the cost of love. We love, and we loss because this is how life works. We can’t escape from miseries, and losses if we want to live or be with someone. We have to endure the loss, and pain because that’s the beauty of life.

Well, other than such a heart-wrenching sequence, we got to witness some unexpectedly happy moments as well.

Linda got to unite with her daughter after such a long wait. It was so pleasant to see Linda’s daughter finding her way to her mother.

Moreover, finally, Mazikeen succeeded in growing a soul, and being with the love of her life, Eve. Verily, it was so damn excited to see Eve getting back to Mazikeen, and then Mazikeen fighting her fears, and finally, accepting the fact that she must live with the love of her life without fearing death, and pain.

On the other hand, about Miss Lopez, I am feeling so sorry for her that she has to go through so much, all alone. All she has to channel her pain, and darkness is her faith. I hope that one day, she’ll be able to find the Mr. Right, and then, eventually, she’ll overcome what has been haunting her, and finally embrace herself. I am so damn looking forward to the point where Ella will get to know about Lucifer, and eventually, meet Azreal once again. Indeed, we all would love to see Ella, and Azreal’s chemistry, for real.

Now, comes the point where we got to witness a war between Michael and Lucifer over the question that who will become GOD! 

At first, Lucifer wanted to be the God because he saw it as a way to prove himself worthy of Chloe. However, eventually, and especially, after losing Dan, he realized that he have to be the God so that he can do some good to the world. He started doing it for Chloe’s love but then he continued to do it for humanity’s cause. He had to go to a war in order to be the God, so, he did.

Having the flaming sword Michael outweighed Lucifer in front the other Angel siblings but Lucifer didn’t lose hope. Almost all of the angels sided with Michael but it didn’t stop Lucifer from trying.

Having Amandiel, Chloe, Mazikeen, Eve, The Angel of Righteousness, and a bunch of demons by his side, Lucifer went on to fight with Michael

The voting campaign turned into a battle field as Lucifer challenged Michael for a duel. It was decided that the one who wins will live to be the God and the loser will have to die.

Just when Lucifer was about to win, Michael stabbed Chloe to death.

It was so heart-wrenching seeing Lucifer crying over Chloe’s untimely death. Even the Angel of Death, Azreal couldn’t take it.

Well, it’s Lucifer who couldn’t bear to lose his detective so, he went to Heaven to bring her soul back even despite knowing that he would burn down when entered the Silver City.

However, Lilth’s mortality ring bought him some time, and he reached to Chloe who were sitting with her father in the Heaven.

Finally, he confessed his love, and said those three magical words to her while putting Lilith’s mortality ring into her finger. He said I choose you because I love You and then he burnt into flames.

Afterward on Earth, Chloe opened her eyes where Michael was standing above her. As she was holding Amandiel’s necklace, she became powerful enough to beat Michael.

Just when she was about to cut Michael’es throat with Azreal’s blade as she was devasted on losing the love her life, Lucifer arrived there flapping his wings.

Lucifer stopper Chloe from killing Michael and granted him a second chance. He said his time on Earth has taught him that everyone deserves a second chance. Then everyone knelt down befor him accepting him as the God. However, Lucifer slashed  Michael’s wings with the flaming sword.

Lucifer Season 5 ended with the new God raising the flaming sword up in the sky while all of the angels bowed down before him.

Now, if you are wondering about Lucifer Season 6 then let me tell you one thing. In the finale season, God will return, and things will be sorted out as planned. You know the mysterious ways of God! Moreover, until now, we ain’t sure whether Lucifer has been granted God’s powers or not. All we know so far is that even after getting a second chance, there’s a possibility that Michael won’t repent.