Porto Blu 30 Luxurious Apartments With Ocean Views

ELEVA Capital Group’s Porto Blu will include 30 Luxury Apartments with ocean views and a prime location steps from the beach.

The new condominium development, “Porto Blu – Beach Condos,” in the little hamlet of Puerto Morelos, close to Cancun and the Cancun International Airport, is enthusiastically promoted by ELEVA Capital Group, the prominent real estate company formed by pioneering Cancun families.

A group of accomplished businesspeople from diverse industries established Porto Blu Beach Condos. We continually invest in our community to support its growth and the area’s intellectual, professional, and commercial advancement. The three factors that set our real estate developments apart are unique spaces and first-rate finishing.

Porto Blu is an exclusive condominium development with 30 opulent apartments located in the center of Puerto Morelos. It will feature services and amenities that guarantee its visitors and owners will experience “barefoot luxury” during their stay and an incredibly privileged location steps from the beach.

luxurious apartments

A beautiful setting between the sea and the sky is Puerto Morelos. This genuine fishing community, which has a distinct culture, is just a short drive from Cancun in the splendor of the Mexican Caribbean. You can relate to Puerto Morelos’s people’s simplicity because of the city’s laidback, bohemian atmosphere. Mangroves, cenotes, and vibrant jungles are just a few of the spectacular natural attractions you may find at this adventure location.

KINCE is developing the Porto Blu condominium project that will be situated in Puerto Morelos. KINCE’s portfolio of projects includes luxury hotel developments in Cancun, Playa Mujeres, the Mexican Pacific,  the Riviera Maya, and residential developments in the Cancun neighborhoods with the highest surplus value.

The pace of the world is accelerating, and today, luxury is felt through all the senses. The “slow food” trend, which advocates enjoying each meal from preparation to slow consumption and the post-meal conversation, is quickly winning over everyone. Living in the now has become a way of life.

To escape urban life and come closer to nature and Mayan culture, Porto Blu is a practical solution to alter the rhythm in which we live. Imagine creating lasting memories alongside your loved ones while living an average life. Reading that book, playing that one music, letting your feet sink into the warm, silky sand, and being present. It’s a beach—slow motion.

The young Cancun team working on the Porto Blu architectural project is committed to innovation and professionalism in architecture. It seeks to make a difference with each of our initiatives, whether for a hotel, a residence, a business, or an institution.

It is important to note that Porto Blu and ELEVA Capital Group -will offer the apartments under a condominium regime and a vacation management program so that the owners can choose between using their new property whenever they like and renting it out during the off-season to earn a quick return on their investment.

Furthermore, it’s critical to note that ELEVA Capital Group created the idea of “barefoot luxury” to ensure that the new owners enjoy a carefree and laid-back experience in Puerto Morelos, one of the Mexican Caribbean locations with the highest growth and added value.

The Porto Blu – Beach Condos’ enviable location gives residents and visitors easy access to renowned shopping malls, supermarkets, and convenience stores nearby Cancun and Playa del Carmen. It also makes it simple to explore the neighborhood and famous tourist attractions like beaches, cenotes, and natural parks.