Malu Trevejo Wiki, Net Worth, Hot, And Unseen Pics

Malu Trevejo first became famous on in 2015. She’s now on Instagram (with 8.5 million followers) and TikTok (8.6 million on TikTok).

The 18-year-old teenager who was born in Cuba posts videos of herself lip-syncing, dancing, and singing along with music.

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What’s happening with her mom?

People know and respect Trevejo as an artist, but people are talking about her relationship with her mother, @ oshun leti on Instagram.

Malu  posted a live Instagram video on 17 September. After a heated argument with her mother, she told her followers what she had been doing. Trevejo, who was crying, told the camera about her feelings. She said that her mom was drunk, lied about who her biological father was, and let her stepdad use cocaine.

She also said that her mom called the police when she threw out her stepdad’s drugs. She also said that her mother stole her most valuable money and spent it on another Instagram Live.

Malu’s relationship with her mother

Fans have been worried about her mother’s relationship for years, even though this drama just happened. People were worried about Trevejo’s mom twerking in Instagram videos and Instagram Lives.

Malu says that police officers came to her house. Malu says that her mom called the police after she threw away a drug belonging to her stepdad.

In an Instagram Live on September 29, Trevejo talked about how disgusted and surprised she was by the videos. She says to the camera, “I look at this stuff now and I’m like, ‘What the hell was I laughing about?'” How could that have happened?”

In her stories, she also showed how careless her mother was. For example, in December 2019, she filmed an argument with her mom about money.

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One of them says, “This is my money. I’m not required to pay for the house. Just eating what I like makes me happy. I am not responsible for the house…”

Libah Khan, a worried fan, started a petition to address the problem. The claims in the petition text about Khan are hard to confirm, so we won’t provide a link. It’s only gotten seven signatures since it was posted.

Malu and her mother fight with Bhad Bhabie.

Malu and the rapper Bhad Bhabie (also called Cash Me Outside girl or Danielle Bregoli) have been friends for a long time. A close friendship exists between them as well. In June 2019, they argued on Instagram live, and things got very bad.

Bregoli went to Trevejo’s house in December 2019 to fight her. Not surprisingly, she live-streamed all the action, and her mom was there.


Q: What makes Malu Trevejo well-known?

The teenager became famous on the internet and then started a singing career. Malu was making a name for herself on the Gen Z platform before became the popular app TikTok. After the teen’s videos went viral, she joined a management company, which helped her make the switch to music.

Q: Malu has a contract with Cactus Jack?

RapTV wrote on Instagram, “#MaluTrevejo has officially signed with Cactus Jack and Atlantic Records!! After almost ONE MILLION votes… “HEROES & VILLAINS” by Metro Boomin is RapTV’s 2022 Album of the Year. What are… RapTV’s first and second teams for 2022?

Malu Trevejo sexy figure

Q: Malu is under contract with Travis Scott.

She is best known for songs like “Luna Llena,” which has more than 100 million YouTube views. But in October, the star caused a stir when she said she was signed to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack record label.

Q: Did Malu get dropped?

Malu Trevejo was kicked off Travis Scott’s record label after it was said that she had “faked” her signing. Malu, a popular TikTok star, says she was kicked off Travis Scott’s label because she lied about being signed to the company in mid-October.