Netflix’s Invisible City Review: Know About the Brazilian Folklore; Mythical Supernatural Entities

If you’re a fan of the supernatural fantasies about mythical entities then the Brazilian web television series entitled Invisible City is what you should watch next on Netflix. Season 1 of Cidade Invisível consisting of 7 episodes hit Netflix on 5 February 2021.

Let’s find out what this fantasy web tv series is about, and what are those mythical entities who’re supposed to be living among us according to Brazilian folklore.

Brazilian Mythology, the Basis of the Story of Invisible City

According to Brazilian folklore, there are certain shape-shifting entities living side by side with humans since the dawn. These entities are basically considered to be mythical as there are some myths associated with each one of them. Anyhow, Netflix’s new fantasy series will prove that these entities ain’t just myths but real for sure. However, this fantasy series has presented the mythical creatures in a slightly different way as compared to the folklore.

Before going ahead to know about the story of Invisible City, let us provide you with an account of the mythical entities which are the main characters of this fantasy series.

Known Brazilian Mythical Entities in the Invisible Cities 

Curupira (Ibere) is known to be a jungle genie whose sole duty is to protect the animals and the trees of the jungle. Well, according to folklore, he has red hair but in Invisible City, his head burns up with fire. Moreover, his feet are backward, and have mystical powers of fire; he can ignite fire. In the series, he left the jungle after killing an evil hunter who was responsible for the death of his family.

Cuca (Ines) often refers as a witch is known to be an entity that scares away disobedient children or may banish them forever. Well, in the series, she’s shown to be a mysterious, and cunning entity who can shape-shift into a butterfly, and has a mystical power to peek into people’s childhood memories. Also, she can make you fall asleep by singing a lullaby. In the flashbacks, it’s shown that she became an entity after dying giving birth to a dead born child in the midst of a forest (a mystical butterfly brought her back to life).

Lara (Camila) is a young beautiful woman who’s in actual a cunning mermaid. She’s known to lure men to death. Moreover, in the series, she would hypnotize you by singing, and make you do her bidding. In the flashbacks, it’s shown that she became an entity when the love of her life killed her in the midst of an ocean. The ocean brought her back to life, and afterward, it became her curse to lure men, and drown them to death.

Saci (Isac) is known to be a mischievous prankster who has only one leg. In the series, he’s shown to be a youngster who has mystical powers of the whirlwind; he can appear & disappear into the wind. Moreover, just like the folklore, he’s one-legged but wears an artificial leg boot. In the flashbacks, it’s been shown that his master tied his leg to a chain and left him to die but he flees by cutting off his leg but ends up dead. A whirlwind resurrected him. Also, he wears a red cap-like scarf which anyone can use to make him do their bidding.

River Dolphin (Manaus) is an Amazon dolphin who can shape-shift into a handsome man. He seduces women, and then abandon them after impregnating them with his child. Likewise, in the series, he’s shown to be a handsome womanizer who impregnates different women whereas in actual he’s a pink river dolphin.

There’s another mythical entity shown in the series whose name is TutuHe can shape-shift into a pig and has mystical powers such as strong-smell, and muscle strength.

Now, let’s move ahead to know about the protagonist and the other main characters of Invisible City.

Main Characters

  • Eric: Half-human, half-entity; son of Manaus, and husband of Gabriela. He works for the environmental police. He’s the protagonist of the series but his mystical powers are yet to be revealed.
  • Gabriela: Eric’s wife who mysteriously dies in the forest fire. She was one of those who tried to protect the Tore Village from being sell to the construction company.
  • Luna: Eric and Gabriela’s daughter; possessed by the Dry Body.
  • Inês: The cuca; a witch-like entity who possesses mystical powers of peeking into a person’s memories; and make them asleep. 
  • Camila: The Lara/mermaid; she can hypnotize men by her singing; cursed to lure and drown men to death. She’s one of the close associates of Inês.
  • Manaus: The Pink River Dolphin; Eric’s father. He also impregnates João’s ex-fiance, Fabiana.
  • Tutu: The pig; a close associate of Inês, and Camila.
  • Marcia: Eric’s co-worker.
  • Ibere: The Curupira; he’s left the forest, and living on the streets. As his feet are backward, he uses a wheelchair for movement. Moreover, he’s covered his feet, head, and arms with shoppers to prevent fire-ignition.
  • Isac: The Saci; he also lives on the streets with Ibere. He can control the wind and uses his powers to make a wind whirl. Also, he can appear and disappear out of nowhere through the wind. He likes to play tricks to make children happy; he’s a bit mischievous as well.
  • Ciço: An old-man; a resident of the Tore Village. He’s one of the believers; and associates of the entities.
  • João: Ciço’s son; Fabiana’s ex-fiance. He works for the construction company which wants the land of Tore Village.
  • Ivo: Eric’s boss; the head of the environmental police.

Story of Invisible City

The story begins with an old man of Tore village telling the story of a mythical creature known as the Curupira and an evil anti-environmental hunter. The Curupira killed the evil hunter but was never seen afterward. Just as the story of the series begins, a horrible fire catches the forest of the Tore Village which causes the death of Eric’s wife, Gabriela. She used to believe in the Brazilian folklore about mythical creatures and was determined to save the village from being demolished.

Apparently, it was a fire that caused Gabriela’s death but Eric was certain that there’s more to the story. He started digging up. At first, he thought that it was the construction company which causes the fire in the forest, and also poisons the water so that all the fishes die. This way, it would be easy for the constructors to force the villagers to sell their lands.

Meanwhile, it’s shown that Eric and Gabriela’s daughter is behaving strangely. Apparently, she was going through the trauma of her mother’s death as she was present at the time of her death. Gabriela died saving her daughter, Luna from the forest fire.

Unable to notice the change in his daughter, Eric keeps on digging. Soon after Gabriela’s death, he came across a dead pink river dolphin. Being an environmental policeman, he decided to take the dolphin for autopsy. However, due to some issues he had to bring the dead dolphin to his home. There he found out that a river dolphin is actually a man (Manaus). The dead dolphin changed into a dead man but what catches Eric’s attention the most was the fact that the dead man’s eyes were white just like Gabriela’s when she died. He planted the dead body in the midst of the forest so that he can investigate his murder which might lead him to Gabriela’s death cause.

On the other, some other entities were shown. Ines, Camila, Tutu, Isac, and Ibere are some other entities who live around the Tore village. They tried to cover up Manaus’s death but failed and thus, Eric found out about the existence of the entities. Ines, Camila, and Tutu thought Eric is somehow involved in the death of Manaus, so they decided to get rid of him. Camila lures him to drown him but failed. It was for the first time that someone has survived Camila’s curse. Afterward, Camila decided to help Eric, and save him from Ines.

However, Ines succeeded in getting her hands on Eric but likewise Camila, she failed to kill him. Ines tried to peek into Eric’s head but he somehow overpowered her, and kick him out of his head.

Meanwhile, Eric’s co-worker suspected him after being persuaded by Ines. She investigates him without letting him know. She founds out that Eric has been lying to her, and has been in all those places where something fishy has happened. She suspected that he’s the one who killed Manaus. Anyhow, later on, when she found out about the entities, she helped Eric but all things went wrong when Ivo, their boss found out about the GPS report of Eric’s car. It was enough to link him to Manaus’s murder.

Anyhow, long before Ivo could link him to Manaus’s murder, Eric found out that Manaus was his father. This is how Fabiana’s child would be Eric’s half brother.

Before Eric could tell Camila about his and Manaus’s truth, Tutu attacked him but ended up dead. Camila, and Ines thought that Eric killed him but he couldn’t remember anything about that. He blacked out when Tutu attacked him but we, the viewers could anticipate that it was Luna, Eric’s daughter who killed Tutu.

Later, it was revealed that the Dry Body, an evil spirit of the hunter whom the Curupira killed back then is behind all these deaths.

At first, along with other entities, Eric suspected that he’s the one who has been possessed by the Dry Body. However, later on, we get to know that during the forest fire, the Dry Body possessed Luna, and killed Gabriela on the spot. Afterward, Luna being possessed by the Dry Body killed Manaus when he came to meet Eric to talk about Gabriela. He knew her but they didn’t reveal how. Maybe, she was also an entity about which we’ll get to know in the next season.

Luna went on to find out the Curupira to take revenge. She asked Isac to help find him but he escaped her. Meanwhile, Eric with the help of Cico found out that it’s Luna who has been possessed by the Dry Body, not Eric. Ines and Camila also get to know about it. They all went on to find her before she could harm Curupira. Isac tried to warn Ibere, the Curupira but he didn’t believe him. Luna arrived there, and tried to kill Ibere but Isac came in between. Just when Luna killed Isac, Eric arrived there, and took Luna away. He asked the Dry Body to leave Luna’s body and possess him instead.

Right at that moment, Ivo with other policemen arrived there to arrest Eric for the murder of Manaus. It was clear to the audience that the Dry Body has now possessed Eric but Camila, Ines, and Marica were unaware.

Devastated due to Isac’s sacrifice, Ibere decided to went back to the Forest. He transformed back to the Curupira.

Unbeknownst to the fact that Eric has been possessed by the Dry Body, Camila helped me escape. On the way to the forest, she found out that it’s the Dry Body inside Eric’s body who’s going to kill the Curupira. On the other hand, Ines, and Marcia also found out that the Dry Body has left Luna’s body.

All of them headed toward the forest where the Curupira has been angrily waiting for the Dry Body.

As Camila tried to stop Eric, he tried to kill her but was interrupted when Luna (back at home) woke up screaming Daddy. It seems like Luna’s voice could help Eric take back control of his body.

However, the Dry Body took over again and went on to kill the Curupira. Both of them fought but on realizing how the Dry Body made Luna killed Gabriela, Eric stabbed himself. The Dry Body left his body right at that moment but it was unclear whether the spirit of the evil hunter died or not.

Just after Eric stabbed himself with an intention to take his life so that he can put an end to the evil doings of the Dry Body, it was shown that Gabriela asks him to go back to live his life as he has a long road to go yet. She told him that his time hasn’t arrived yet.

In the end of the first season of the Invisible City, we witnessed that Eric was resurrected, and was taken away by the other entities. It’s pretty obvious that now, Eric is a full entity. We’ll find out in the next season what kind of supernatural powers he’d possess, and what happened to the Dry Body.