Polo G’s Baby Mama Brags About Her ‘Soulmate’ After Allegedly Dumping Him for a Woman

Crystal Blease seems to accuse her ex-boyfriend and the “Pop Out” rapper of cheating on her while they were together. She does this while talking about her new girlfriend, whom she calls “Jazz.”

Polo G's baby

Polo G’s baby mama seems to have moved on from the breakup with him and found a new love. Crystal Blease has been bragging that she is happier now that she is with her new girlfriend instead of the rapper.

Crystal, who is the CEO of her own beauty company called Beauty By Bratitude, has been using Twitter to talk about how much she loves her new boyfriend and how much she hates her ex-boyfriend for allegedly cheating on her. “I was sitting there with someone who was cheating on me, and my soulmate was a girl. I knew it,” she wrote in one of her recent tweets.

In another post, she talked about her girlfriend, whom she calls Jazz. “Jazz is doing the s**t I’ve been begging for, and I’m not getting off of her, ever,” the Twitter user said earlier this week.

She also hinted that she and her girlfriend might be living together by writing, “I sleep tangled with Jazz every night.”

Crystal seems to have told her followers that she doesn’t need to know what her ex-boyfriend is doing because she has moved on. “Don’t tell me anything about anyone. & don’t tell anyone else about me, “read her mysterious tweet.


Tweets by Crystal Blease

Crystal Blease looked like she was calling out her ex Polo G when she said she’s dating a woman.

In the beginning of 2018, Polo and Crystal were first seen together. On July 6, 2019, they had a son, which was their first child together. No one knows when they broke up, but Crystal was accused of cheating on the “Rapstar” hitmaker a few months ago, which she has denied.

“Stop saying “I cheated.” Everyone I’ve ever had a relationship with was when I was SINGLE. When I’m single, I can do whatever I want. “I never cheated on anyone. I’ve been letting y’all talk, but why would I “cheat” on the person I WAS in love with?” she wrote at the time. “On my son, I was riding until the wheels fell off. Any man could tell you that. I had to figure out who the hell I was! You’ve been arguing about something that you know NOTHING about. Now get away from me.”

On Instagram Live, Polo seemed to talk about the cheating rumours. “You know what’s funny about the internet? You know why the internet always wins? Because I can’t reach out and slap the f**k out of, I swear to God, some of you care, so I wouldn’t do it,” he said. “I promise that the internet is funny because so many of you are messing with me. Now, if you say that in front of me, I swear I will hit you in the face.”