Royalty Across the Most Beloved Sports

British royals have been synonymous with sports for centuries and they have perfected many athletic activities. We’ve taken a look at royalty across the most beloved sports in the UK, from the popular to the more unique, and the reasons why they find them so enjoyable. One reason off the bat is that you can bet on Horse Racing and when you do, use this racing calculator.


Polo is a sport that the likes of Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles all love to play, and even Prince Philip used to play when he was younger. It’s a common sporting activity for men in the royal family and rumours have it that even young Prince George has started playing too. The competitive spirit of the game makes it unsurprising that the men of the family enjoy playing this particular sport so much.

Horse Riding

The fun of heading to the racetrack and placing bets is something that many of the UK population can understand – horse racing isn’t just a popular sport with the general public but with royalty as well. But this is a sport where the royal women are the most accomplished, with Zara Tindall having achieved a silver medal for equestrian in the 2012 Olympics and her mother, Princess Anne, also part of the competitive riding circuit previously. It’s also a well-known fact that the Queen is a big fan of horse racing, having grown up riding and passionate about breeding and racing horses as she got older too.


The entire Windsor family loves to ski, with Prince Charles such a fan that two cable cars at the famous Klosters resort in Switzerland are named after him. Prince Harry and Prince William have skied since they were young children and it’s a sport that has continued on through the family, as the Cambridge’s have enjoyed family ski holidays together since as well.


Rugby may have been a fun sport to play for Prince Harry and Prince William, who both enjoyed playing it when they attended Eton boarding school. But it’s Zara Tindall’s husband Mike who is the real rugby star of the family – he was the former captain of the England rugby team. Rugby is an exciting game to watch and a sport of endurance and stamina, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular activity among the royals too.


Wimbledon is an event in the sport that so many people enjoy watching each summer, not just in the UK but around the world. But it’s a well-known fact that many members of the royal family enjoy catching games when the event is running, with Kate Middleton and Prince William regularly spotted in the crowds surrounding Centre Court.

Pigeon Racing

Pigeon racing isn’t a sport you’d immediately associate with the royal family, but you might be surprised to learn that ever since King Leopold II of Belgium gifted racing pigeons to the family in 1886, it’s remained a popular recreational sport. The Queen loves the sport, which involves the birds finding their way back to their home loft, and she even has an impressive pigeon residence at the Sandringham estate.