The Briggs’ Song “Run Me Like A River” Lyrics

“River” is a song by Bishop Briggs, released on 22 January 2016 through Teleport Records and Island Records. The song became a hit and reached the top 10 on three different Billboard charts and number 1 on the Spotify US Viral 50.


Briggs is a Scottish-American singer and songwriter. Her song “River” peaked at number three on the US Alternative Chart. At the age of seven, she started writing her songs and would perform them for her family. She participated in several school talent shows and performances. She recorded her first single, “Wild Horses,” in July 2015.


In October 2019, Briggs released three singles, “Tattooed On My Heart,” “Champion,” and “Jekyll & Hide” from her second album, Champion. Briggs released the song “Someone Else” in November as part of the album.


Shut Your Mouth And Run Me Like A River Lyrics

Shut Your Mouth And Run Me Like A River Lyrics

Artist’s Biography

Birth Name: Sarah Grace McLaughlin

Date of Birth: 18 July 1992

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom

Age: 30 years (as of 2022)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Singer, songwriter

Years Active: 2015-Active

Instagram: @bishopbriggs

Twitter: @bishopbriggs


Background and Composition of the song

The song is about a strained relationship on the verge of failure. Briggs said lyrics of the song “were all about the tension. The song begins with “a whipping percussion,” before it “changes into an explosive chorus highlighting Briggs’s fierce, soulful-rocker vocals.” Briggs stated that her hope with that song is it makes people feel empowered [to] take things into their own hands.


Quick points of the song

Song – River

Singer– Bishop Briggs

Featuring- Not Available

Produced by – Lan Scott and Mark Jackson

Written By – Bishop Briggs, Ian Scott, Mark Jackson, and Sarah McLaughlin

Released Date – 22 January 2016



Brooklyn Magazine wrote it is “a rough track with the potential to be a huge radio hit. It will leave you feeling energetic with surging bass and skyward vocals.” Hooligan Magazine wrote, “Parts of this track draws the air right out of the room, but Briggs never stops to throw the audience right back into the mix with her smooth guitar playing and smooth voice. “River” has something for everybody.