Skai Jackson’s Alleged Private Video Gets Out, And Solange Knowles’s Son Accuses Her Of Cheating.

The ex-Disney actress and Beyonce’s nephew seem to have broken up badly because he attacked her on social media and a supposed private video of hers got out.

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., who is the son of Solange Knowles, dated Skai Jackson, but they are no longer together. After they broke up, their relationship came to light. The internet was full of an old photo of the couple kissing and cuddling.

In what are thought to be screenshots of a group chat, Daniel is said to have called his relationship with the 18-year-old former Disney star “complicated” while confirming that they hooked up. When one of his friends said that they were different ages, he said, “Age doesn’t matter.”

The user, who is thought to be Beyonce Knowles’ 16-year-old nephew, also said that he broke up with the “Jessie” actress because she cheated on him. He wrote, “She cheated, so I left.”

But one person was doubtful and asked, “Why is she saying “throw libra men away” if she is the one who cheated?” He said, “Because I made sure to mess up her life.”

It’s not clear what he did to get back at his ex, but a private video that seemed to show Skai and Daniel getting dirty went viral online. Soon, the former child star was all over social media.

In an Instagram Q&A, Daniel also made fun of his ex. When asked if he and Skai were still friends, he said “f**k no” as a clear answer. He also wrote, “I don’t like her this way. Don’t listen to what other people say. Her personality and ego are very big. She needs to come down to earth.”

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. disses Skai Jackson

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. disses Skai Jackson

Daniel took down the Instagram comment he had made. When someone in his alleged group chat told him he might get sued, he said, “My aunt is Beyonce. You really think I’m going to get sued? Take your next guess, you f**king idiot.”

Skai hasn’t answered any of Daniel’s messages. She also turned off comments on Instagram and wrote in the caption of her most recent post, “I don’t care if I don’t smile… Should I give it a try? [thinking about it] Maybe I should. [face of thinking] Here’s a smirk [smirking] How about this? Ok, here you go [smiley face] [smirky face].”

NLE Choppa flirts with Skai Jackson

Choppa is interested in Skai Jackson.

Even though she seems to have made an enemy out of Daniel, she has a lot of fans. Rapper NLE Choppa recently showed his love on Twitter by replying to a picture of her on a beach with a heart-eyed emoji.