Smart Gift Ideas They’ll Never See Coming

Gifts should be a surprise to keep them fun!  There are tons of clever and unique ideas out there, and although you should try to match them to the interests of the person you’re giving them to: if you’re running out of ideas, that’s okay!

These are four clever gift ideas that would leave anyone happily surprised! 

A Lamp Alarm Clock to Make Mornings Easier

Mornings can be rough, especially if you have to be up before the sun rises.  If someone in your life has a rough time waking up, and you want to make things a little more natural for them: consider giving them a lamp alarm clock!

Many of these alarm clocks slowly brighten as they near your alarm’s time until they’re full brightness when the alarm finally goes off.  This natural light change will help trick the person you give it to thinking it’s morning and the sun is rising: which will help them wake up far easier.

You can find these in dozens of different styles and designs, so make sure to pick one that suits the person you’re giving it to!

A Plan That Will Protect Their Technology

Technology touches almost every part of our lives, from how we entertain ourselves to the work we do to keep afloat: so it’s important that our technology works when we need it to.  Consider giving the people in your life a plan that will protect them!  

Geek Squad is an awesome service that allows you to relax, knowing that no matter what happens, a team of professionals will be able to help if something goes wrong with your computer or phone.  Consider giving five years of Geek Squad protection!

An Experience You Can Share

Sometimes a physical gift isn’t the answer!  Instead, consider buying the person in your life an experience that they’ll love.  This could mean a few rounds of top golf, a concert they’d love to go to, or even a trip to the beach if you can swing it!  

Try to plan the experience to be within a month of you giving them the gift, if possible.  This will allow it to happen before it feels too far away to be tangible and shows that you’d planned this and it wasn’t a last-second gift (even if it was!).

A Desk-Sitting Storm Cloud

Almost everyone can agree that the weather has gotten more unpredictable all over the world.  From random storms to sudden heat and surprisingly rough winters: so why not give someone a piece of weather that can sit on their desk?  Consider a desk-sitting storm cloud!  This cute glass sculpture has a liquid component that crystallizes at different air pressures and temperature changes.  This allows them to simply glance at the cloud on their desk to know how the weather’s going to look when they go outside!

Giving Gifts Can Be Incredibly Fun

If you’re creative and enjoy surprising people: there’s no reason your gifts can’t be fantastic!  Consider giving someone in your life one of these awesome gifts and watching their face light up.