Stranger Things Season 4: Is The Series Getting A New Villain Jim Hopper?

Season 3 of Stranger things series is on a scale of pretty amazing to Extraordinary. It is much better than the previous season in every way possible despite having similar subplots but only much bigger on stakes. The creativity of this season alone shows how good writing is.

First of all, we all know that Characters are one of the best you can see on Television. The coherent writing just blew your mind even though this season is going all guns blazing in terms of going Big, a huge shout out to VFX and production value.

Even though it’s just 2 Seasons people got attached to the characters very much & we get all teared up in some sequences. You will get Russians Mystery which isn’t solved even at the end of season 3.

Therefore, there are tons of questions going forward for season 4. Actually kids are now growing and it feels very good when they are little and adventurous but now that they gave this ‘Moving on’ theme. And it feels more realistic at least in Monster hunting world like Stranger things.

The power of Storytelling shows up here with every sequence. However, various background scores are engaging and refreshing. It makes a great time for those who want to experience something that is never before.

Netflix’s original horror drama, combined with fantasy, would be back with its new season. We are talking about Stranger Things, which was officially renewed by the manufacturers for the fourth season.

Of course, seeing the immense popularity and buzz the show has created among the viewers, its makers had to offer them something reciprocally. And here we are with the great news.

Production Details Of Stranger Things Season 4

The production and filming schedules for the fourth installment began in February 2020. But it was ultimately placed on hold thanks to the outbreak of the continued Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. It has taken a significant toll on the whole world.

Jim Hopper As New Villain?

Fans were already beginning with possible theories that Jim might return, but this point as a negative character. Yes, you read that, right!

Hopper would ultimately be portrayed because the next big villain would no longer be the great guy.

There might be many reasons for it, which incorporates that the Russians might convert him into a nasty guy, and he doesn’t wish to be a villain by himself.

And we also saw that Eleven lost her powers within the third season, so it might be great to ascertain how both of them now will face. To face and eventually, what wouldn’t it cause.