Superman & Lois- Kudos to the Creators For Bringing Up the Legacy of Superman So Remarkabley!

The CW premiered Superman & Lois on 23rd February 2021, set in the Arrowverse. Unquestionably, this is the best series ever made on the life of our favorite, and beloved superhero, Superman. This drama series will shed light on what it feels like to be a superhero of the world and a father of two teenage boys at the same. Whereas both the boys are no mundane but supposedly just like their father, Superman.

Indeed, the creators have done the best to bring such a marvelous superman story on screen. No one has ever made such an exciting film or drama series on the life of superman being a parent, and a superhero, simultaneously. Moreover, none has brought it on the screen that how the twin kent boys feel to be the sons of none other than the savior of the world, superman.

Let’s see how well Superman would be able to keep up with the responsibility of the world, and his family, concurrently as well as how well his sons would carry on his legacy. Anyhow, for now, I would like to talk about the casting, filming, and story of Superman & Lois, an exciting addition to the Arrowverse. 

If you haven’t watched Superman & Lois yet then be ready for the spoilers!

Casting, Filming, and Story of Superman & Lois- Review

First of all, I would like to critically analyze the cast and characters of Superman & Lois


About the casting, some of the main characters of Superman & Lois were known to us long before the production, and premiere of this series. As this series is set in Arrowverse, we have already seen Superman, Lois, and Samuel Lane in Supergirl. The titular characters are also seen in the Arrowverse crossovers as well.

In short, we are already familiar with the cast portraying the titular characters. Whereas about, the most exciting addition in the lives of these characters, their teenage sons, Jonathan, and Jordan, this is the first time, we are seeing them on the screen. Until now, it has been revealed that only one of the kent boys has inherited Superman’s powers, and it is quite contradictory to that of the comics.

Verily, the cast of Superman & Lois is worth-appreciating as it complements, and corresponds remarkably with the aura of characters, and intensity of the plotline.

On the other hand, about the main villain of this series, it is yet to be revealed who exactly he is. For now, all we know: his name is Captain Luthor but we can’t anticipate yet whether he has something to do with the Lex Luthor whom we have been seeing in Supergirl. indeed, it’s gonna be a rock-n-roll version of Luthor-villainy we have seen so far.

Now, let me provide you with a quick view of the main cast and characters of Superman & Lois

Main Cast & Characters

Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman: In Arrowverse, the character of Superman has been portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin who is famous for his role “Derek Dale” in Teenwolf. In Superman & Lois, Tyler is portraying the character of Clark Kent, the superman who’s now the husband of Lois Lane, and father of Jonathan, and Jordan. Indeed, he’s quite remarkable at playing this role!

Lois Lane: In Arrowverse, Elizabeth Tulloch has been portraying the character of Lois Lane, a reporter at the Daily Planet, and the love interest of Superman. In Superman &  Lois, Elizabeth is playing the role of Lois Lane, who’s now the wife of Clark Kent A.K.A Superman, and the mother of his two teenage boys.

Jonathan Kent: The character of Jon, one of the twin boys of Superman, and Lois is being portrayed by Jordan Elsass. Until now, we have seen Jonathan’s chill yet kind-hearted persona. Supposedly, he hasn’t inherited Superman’s powers but unlike his twin, he has been very good at managing his studies, social life, and everything a normal person lives for. Moreover, he didn’t seem to like Superman unbeknownst to the fact that he’s none other than his father.

Jordan Kent: Alex Garfin is portraying the character of Jordan Kent, a teenage son of Superman and Lois, and the twin brother of Jon. Unlike Jon, he had a difficult time living his life like normal kids since childhood. He has some sort of social anxiety and is a bit estranged from his parents. It has been revealed that contrary to the suspicions of his parents, Jordan has inherited Superman’s powers. However, his powers are manifesting quite differently than that of his father’s.

Captain Luthor: This character is new to the arrowverse, and it is yet to be revealed who this stranger is, and why does he have Luthor as his last name. The character of Captain Luthor, the villain of this series is being portrayed by Wolé Parks (you might remember him from TVD as Cade).

About the other main cast, and characters, there is a long list to go. The other main characters of Superman & Lois include Lana Lang Cushing, Kyle Cushing, Sarah Cushing, Morgan Edge, and Samuel Lane.

Well, for now, my sole focus is on the cast portraying the roles of Superman and Lois’s sons: Jordan Elsass, and Alex Garfin. In the premiere episode, they did a remarkable job: the way both of them synced in and corresponded to the aura and qualities of their characters as well as the intensity of the story is worth applause.

Now. I would like to move ahead to shed light on how well the production and filming of Superman & Lois are going so far.

Production & Filming

As far as the production and filming of Superman & Lois is concerned, you’d pleased to see how well the creators have done it all. From the storyline to the cast, characters, direction, setting, graphics, and special effects, everything has been done so perfectly.

For the record, Superman & Lois has been filmed in Surrey, British Columbia. However, the exact location is still unknown.

If you haven’t watched the pilot episode yet then you are missing one hell of a show! The way they flashbacked the origin story of Superman to the present where he’s bravely and exceptionally saving the world, and raising two teenage boys along with his beloved wife is all fashioned by the best graphics, directions, and most importantly, the special effects. From the remarkable acting skills of the cast to the exceptional and exciting special effects of the series, everything is beyond WOW!

To find out more about how well they have shown Superman in action, go ahead, and watch Superman & Lois.

Story- The Legacy of Superman

Since the premiere, 1.75 million people have viewed Superman & Lois, and 79% of Google users have liked the series. I am sure what all these viewers would have liked the most about this series is that how smoothly yet intensely the creators have brought up the legacy of Superman.

Superman & Lois, an exciting addition to the Arrowverse is centered upon the life of our beloved superhero, Superman, and his wife Lois Lane who are raising two teenage boys along with saving the world from danger.

This is all about Superman’s legacy! Although it is yet to be revealed whether only one or both of the boys have inherited Superman’s powers, we are sure that both of the Kent boys will keep up well with their father’s legacy.

With losing his mother, and his mundane job at the same time as well as revealing to his boys that he is superman, let’s see how Clark Kent will be able to manage all of his responsibilities.

Having a new enemy on the hand, and a responsibility left by his mother along with helping his boys apprehend what they can or can not do as the sons of Superman, the life of our beloved superhero seems to be a lot more troubled than usual.

Will Clark & Lois would be able to have a normal life with their boys or the responsibility of a superhero will keep coming in their way? Keep watching “Superman & Lois” to find out!