The Curse of La Llorona: Historical Background & Film Review

The Curse of La Llorona is a supernatural horror American film. It was released on April 19, 2019. As per the title of the film depicts, it is based on the story of an oral legend named La Llorona who’s also known as “The Weeping Woman”.

History of La Llorona, The Weeping Woman

Before going ahead to discuss the plot details of the film, let us throw light on the background of La Llorona. Llorona, The Weeping Woman has got fame in Latin American folklore which is marked by the story of a deserted lady whose husband left her with two children, and in turn, that lady drowned her children as she was unable to look after them. However, she failed to find an escape from all of her worries as she was cursed to stay stranded there until she succeeds in finding the dead bodies of her dead children. Until now, she has been wandering to search for the dead bodies of her children, and meanwhile, if anyone comes across the river, got cursed as La Llorona drowns them into the river.

The Curse of La Llorona- Film Review

Similarly, the plotline of the film ” The Curse of La Llorona ” follows the story of La Llorona, the weeping woman. The beginning of the film is quite scary and leaves chills of horror as a family was drowned in a river mysteriously after coming in contact with a mystic necklace. Consequently, the film moves 300 hundred years forward where Anna named investigator meanwhile investigating the disappearance of two children who got cursed by La Llorona.

Anna was appointed to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Patricia named lady’s two children. She found out them in their own house hidden and locked in a room, and their mother got arrested as she tried to stop Anna from freeing them. The children also tried to warn Anna not to free them and kept them locked but she didn’t listen to them. It was clear that this family is also under the curse of La Llorona but how it all started wasn’t shown in the film.

As a result of Anna’s step of taking the children out of the room, La Llorona appeared and take them inside a mirror resulting in killing them. Patricia, on the other hand, blamed Anna for it and cursed her for the same as La Llorona did to her children. Until the appearance of La Llorona, everything was quite thrilling, and suspenseful. The way she appeared all of sudden, cracked the mirror and grabbed the children inside was quite scary and enough to give the chills of horror. Anyhow, in spite of such scary moves, the film didn’t appear to be a hell of horror.

Well, as the film moves ahead, Anna’s children came under La Llorona’s curse, and she tried to take them away with her but Anna took a priest’s help to combat her. Again the wheels of the scare and thrill rode the viewers to feel the chills of horror when La Llorona tried to take Anna’s children away and left burn marks on their arms.

In between all this, the priest mentioned Annabelle who’s a haunted doll, and compared her with it. However, the film failed to link them logically and didn’t even provide whole detail about La Llorona herself as well.

At last, Anna moved towards her final move in getting rid of La Llorona. A Priest named Rafael helped her in doing so. They set up a trap to protect themselves from La Llorona. Anyhow, nothing could stop her, and she repeatedly tried to drown Anna and her son down in the river. Meanwhile, Patricia arrived there and tried to give away Anna’s children to La Llorona so that she could return Patricia’s children. However, Chirs who’s Anna’s son got that mystic Neckalce and showed it to La Llorona which somehow weakened and she transformed into her human form. Anyhow, La Llorona again got her powers after coming in contact with the mirror. Then, Anna stabbed a cross into La Llorona’s chest and plead her to death. The cross was made from the fire of the tree that was grown beside the river where La Llorona let her children drown and die. In the end, Anna witnessed a puddle of tears which in actuality was her house. This was a symbolism that depicts the weeping of La Llorona.


Although the story was full of scares, it didn’t suffice to provide the viewers with details about various certain things such as “How the Neckalce transformed La Llorona into her human form”, How the very same Necklace drowned the family in the river at first”,  How the Mirror and Necklace both linked to La Llorona”, and how the tree fire was capable of pleading her to death”. These are the questions left unanswered affecting the quality of the plotline of the film.

Precisely, the film, The Curse of La Llorona has got a good storyline: the oral legend La Llorona had to be unveiled and this film tried the best to do so. Anyhow, there were a lot of things missing in the storyline which in turn, badly affects the horrors of the film as well. Probably, there will be a sequel to unveil the rest of the story, and also the symbolism of The Weeping Woman which was shown by the puddle of tears in the house at the end has to be addressed properly.