The Horror Story Behind Cabinet of Curiosities’ “Lot 36” Explicated

Cabinet of Curiosities is an American streaming horror anthology show. The show is made for Netflix by Guillermo del Toro. Also, the series has eight different horror stories that are different from the usual horror stories. The first airing of the show was on October 25, 2022.

Two of the episodes were written with del Toro, but the rest were written and directed by other filmmakers. Also, we’re here to find out everything about “Lot 36,” which is the story of Nick, a veteran, and Emilia, a house cleaner. Find out everything there is to know about the “Cabinet of Curiosities: Lot 36” horror story.

What’s Tim Blake Nelson’s name?

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Cabinet of Curiosities

What’s Sebastian Roché’s name?

Sebastian Roché is a French-American actor and director who has worked in film, TV, and theater. He is best known for playing Jerry Jacks on the CBS soap opera General Hospital, Michael the Archangel on Supernatural, King Henry VIII on The Tudors, and Olivier Dahan in The Count of Monte Cristo. On August 4, 1964, he was born.

Demetrius Grosse Bio

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Cabinet of Curiosities

What Went on in “Lot 36”?

  • In 1991, Nick, who served in the military, spends $400 on a storage unit.
  • After the owner of the storage died, she bought the property.
  • Emilia, a house cleaner, is also upset at the storage facility because she didn’t pay her bill because she and the manager didn’t understand each other.
  • She begs Nick, who just bought her unit, to let her in so she can get her things. He refuses and gives her back the padlock that was on the door.
  • Nick tells Eddie, the manager, as he looks at his new purchase, that the unit seems smaller than others.
  • Eddie tells him that’s because the building was built in the 1940s, and safety standards have changed since then.
  • Nick looks through the storage unit’s things while Emilia waits outside.
  • Nick finds a beautiful table and chairs with strange symbols on them. He takes them to an occult store right away to find out what they mean.
  • The owner of the shop is mesmerized by the pieces and says they are an old Séance table set.
  • When she touched the table, she set off a hidden mechanism that opened a drawer with three old books in it.
  • The shopkeeper told Nick that Roland was a person who knew how to value them correctly.
  • Roland knew right away what they were and asked where the fourth one was.
  • He tells Nick that the books are meant to be used to call a demon and make a deal with it. The fourth book is a very rare item because it burns up at the end of the transaction.
  • If there is one more book to be found, it will be back in the unit.
  • Roland tells Nick that he will give him $300,000 if they find the last book in the building, and Nick agrees right away.
  • Roland tells Nick that the unit’s former owner made weapons for the Nazis during World War II while they were on their way to the spot.
  • After forcing their way into the trap, they find a horrible scene: a nearly mummified body lying in a binding circle with demon tentacles where her face should be.
  • Roland tells Nick not to do or say anything while they are in there, because if he does or says something, it could make a deal.
  • Nick isn’t interested, so he picks up the fourth book on a stand across the room.
  • Roland tells him not to go in, but Nick doesn’t listen. He walks into the circle and messes up the markings.
  • The demon is able to come back to life, but in the process, it destroys most of the body that was holding it captive, and the book catches on fire.
  • Roland is eaten by the demon, and Nick runs for help as the demon, which is now a mass of writhing tentacles, chases him through the hallways.
  • Nick runs to an exit, which is the only way out of the building, but the door is locked from the outside.
  • He sees Emilia and begs her to open the door, and she makes a sign that she’ll help.
  • But instead of opening the door as he said he would, she is horrified to see him lock it with the padlock he just gave her.
  • When he turns around to run the other way, a demon eats him up.

Cabinet of Curiosities