The Ins and Outs of Britain’s Greatest Horse Races

Have you ever wondered what makes horse racing special? What are the ins and outs of Britain’s greatest horse races? If you want to know what makes this sport stand out from the crowd – and why it’s one of the most popular in the sports betting category – check out the list below.

1. All Horses Have the Same Ancestor

If you love horse racing, you might know by now that most racing horses in Britain are thoroughbred. Some racing news you perhaps you didn’t know is that they all have a common ancestor. Eclipse – born in 1790 – was one of the first racehorses in England and also the great-great-great-grandfather of around 80 per cent of thoroughbred racehorses that compete today.

2. Race Horses May Live Better Than You

As one of the best-regulated animal activities in the world, racehorses may live better than you. Their health and welfare come before anything else, with the British Racing association investing over £25 million in veterinary research and education alone. Besides, most racehorses have a short career, retiring when they are around two years old. Sure, most of them usually have a successful second career, but their quality of life is still exceptional.

3. Horse Racing is Much More than a Sport

Indeed, horse racing is a true industry that employs over 6,500 people. That’s because Britain has over 14,000 registered racehorses that require medical care, training, and overall attention. If you want to have a better understanding, know that a racehorse alone needs to eat around 35,000 calories in a day. That’s a huge quantity of forages to grow, harvest, prepare, and serve to the champions.

4. Many Restrictions for the Jockeys

While the horses can enjoy a copious feast each day, things are different for jockeys. The success of a race consists of a combination of power and agility, and a heavy jockey can jeopardize the outcome. For this reason, most jockeys must follow a strict diet that is low in both fatty foods and carbs. They must also maintain a high fitness level and low weight by training daily, in addition to the actual training they do with the horse.

5. Race Horses Have Incredible Endurance and Speed

A quick look at the animal world shows that most species have either endurance or speed. It is hard to find an animal that can run fast for lengths of time – unless it is a racehorse. Indeed, racehorses can reach speeds exceeding 70 kilometres per hour in mere seconds, covering a racetrack in half the time it would take the fastest human to cover the same distance. Furthermore, they can maintain speed and performance for a relatively long time. Sure, it takes an impressive heart rate to reach full potential, but these animals are undeniably the most fascinating to watch during a race.