Every detail about the Madds’ Song “The Red Means I Love You” Meaning

The Red Means I Love You song was sung by Madds Buckley and released on 25 February 2021. Madds is a TikTok star from the United States. She is well-known for posting music videos centered around anime.


On July 20, 2020, she began posting to TikTok. She posts music videos on her Instagram page, which has amassed 6,419 followers. On her YouTube channel, she has 26.4k followers. After her song The Red Means I Love You, she has gained public attention.


On TikTok, she has published more than 296 videos, with a cumulative total of 11.1M likes and 410.3K fans. In the current TikTok ranking in the United States, she ranks No. 94419 and 90569 globally.

The Red Means I Love You Lyrics

The Red Means I Love You Lyrics 2

Artist’s Biography

Birth Name: Madds Buckley

Date of Birth: November 15, 1999

Place of Birth: United States.

Age: 23 years (as of 2022)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Musician, Youtuber, TikTok star

Years active: 2020-present

Instagram: @maddsbuckley

YouTube: Madds Buckley

Twitter: @MaddsBuckley

Interesting facts about the song

The song “The Red Means I Love You” is part of Madds Buckley’s MHA Album and is the first song to be released. This song is about a character in the show, specifically a Villain named Himiko Toga, whose quirk involves drinking her victim’s blood to look and sound like them.

Quick points of the song

Song – The Red Means I Love You

Singer– Madds Buckley

Featuring – Mike Petillo and Dom Palombi

Produced by – Madds Buckley

Written By – Madds Buckley

Released Date – 25 February 2021

Who are the featured artists in the song?

The song features Guitarist Mike Petillo and drummer Dom Palombi. Mike Petillo is a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, active on Instagram under @mikepetillo. In comparison, Dom Palombi is active on Twitch with the username @DomPalombiMusic with 7.8k followers.