The Song ‘Pandemic’ Dr. Creep Lyrics


The pandemic song was written and sung by Dr. Creep. He is a rapper from America who has gone viral on TikTok after users discovered his track that listeners say “predicted” the Covid-19 pandemic. On ‘Pandemic,’ Dr. Creep raps about a “coronavirus” taking hold in the year 2020.


The featured artists were Lone Ninja and DJ Madhandz. Lone Ninja is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York, and is a member of the duo Twin Perils with June Marx. He released his debut EP titled Covert Operative on November 25, 2008, followed by Burnt Sector (2009), Rogue Agent (2012), Fatal Peril (2012), and Trapdoors & Secret Passageways (2013).


DJ Madhandz is a hip-hop Turntablist from the United Kingdom. He has featured on tracks with a selection of artists worldwide from the likes of Melanin9, C. Rayz Walz, Phoenix Da Icefire, Madchild, Ringz Ov Saturn, Chief Kamanchi, C-Lance (Jedi Mind Tricks producer), Crown (Grim Reaperz/Enemy Soil), Agallah and many more.


Dr. Creep Pandemic Feat Lone Ninja Lyrics

Dr. Creep Pandemic Feat Lone Ninja Lyrics


Quick points of the song

Song – Pandemic

Singer– Dr. Creep

Featuring – Lone Ninja and DJ MadHandz

Produced by – Blaq Masq

Written By – Dr. Creep

Released Date – 21 June 2013


Controversy about the song Pandemic

There was an argument that Dr. Creep forecasted the future, but he had earlier said that the track was just a coincidence. He added, “the lyrics are just more of a co-occurrence than a prediction to me as I don’t feel I was ‘trying’ to anticipate anything. I just rapped about what I was watching. But call it a prediction, dumb luck, remote viewing, coincidence, predictive programming, or whatever you want.” He went on: “I’m not the only one that noted the damn coronavirus back in 2013!!!!