Megan Thee Stallion Sparks Transgender Speculation After Viral Twerk Video

The “Hot Girl Summer” rapper seems to have male organs in a video that is going around of her twerking wildly onstage in a skimpy outfit.

Does Megan Thee Stallion change her gender? After her twerk video went viral, people said that the 24-year-old rapper was hiding the fact that she is a man. The audience member who took the clip saw the Texas-born star shaking her booty while she was on stage.

The singer of “Hot Girl Summer” wore a revealing outfit of a purple crop top with long sleeves and black bikini bottoms. She twerked with her back to the crowd, and it looked like something fell out of the front of her bikini bottoms. Then, people began to say that Megan looked like she had testicles that got out of her underwear.

But not everyone agrees. Some people on the Internet have talked about the video and what they saw on it. They think the idea that the person in the video is transgender is silly. Someone said about the rumor, “The internet is doing way too much smh… she’s a woman, bro.”

Another person said with confidence, “She’s a woman. I would have thought someone from her town or school would have spoken up by now.” “People want her to be a man so badly it’s sad, SMH!” said a third commenter, criticizing those who spread the transgender rumors.

“It’s her cheeks, and there’s a shadow between it and her thigh, but this is funny. It was swinging UNUSUAL BUCKO, “The idea came from someone else. Someone else similarly said, “I think it’s her behind and the way the light and camera are set up. I’m from Houston, and I’m hoping that this will work out.” “That was definitely a bug or something,” said someone else.

Megan hasn’t said anything about the talk about her gender. The “Big Ole Freak” rapper, who supports LGBTQ rights, said on Monday, August 26, before the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, “You have to be confident, you have to be kind, you have to be a great friend, and you just have to be unapologetically you.”