This Winter’s Guide to Purchasing an Electric Fat Tire Scooter

Are you considering taking advantage of the electric scooter revolution? With so many more individuals now electing to use long range electric scooters than ever, it’s becoming increasingly evident that this shift in mobility is here to stay.

All terrain electric scooters can give an effective and eco-friendly solution, whether you’re a commuter, a nature adventurer, or someone searching for an alternate method to go around town.

Using electric scooters in the winter can be a tough but rewarding endeavour. One of the primary obstacles is the weather itself, since chilly temperatures and slippery roads can make it impossible to operate an electrical scooter safely.

However, with the necessary precautions and equipment, it is possible to enjoy the ease and excitement of electric scooters even in the winter months.

Warm, waterproof gear and sufficient road grip are vital to avoid sliding and falling. It’s also a good idea to be especially cautious when riding on icy or snowy roads, since the lower traction can make it tougher to operate the fat tyre electric scooter. Consider investing in the correct apparel while looking for the finest fat tyre electric scooter.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why twin motor electric scooters are rising in popularity, explore some of their primary perks and advantages over traditional forms of travel, and evaluate what actions can assist further raise adoption rates. So saddle up for the trip – let’s discover why so many people have started embracing long range electric scooters!

Electric Fat Tire Scooter

What is a Fat Tire Electric Scooter?

A fat tyre electric scooter is off-road primarily in the design, making it a perfect alternative for individuals who desire a more tough ride. It offers improved off-road performance compared to standard long range electric scooters because to its larger, knobby tyres and higher ground clearance.

Riders can go through sandy terrain or climb over roots with strength and balance by giving greater grip; superior shock absorption, and tyre stability.

The sturdier off road electric scooter design is suitable for individuals wanting a more robust mobility solution. With a powered motor capable of offering smooth rides on even the roughest of terrains; the all terrain electric scooter offers a reliable and exciting way to explore off-road situations.

Which Is the Best – Fat Tire or a Normal Tire Electric Scooter?

When it comes to twin motor electric scooters, selecting which is the best option for you should rely on your lifestyle and demands. If you are looking for a long range electric scooter that can handle off-road terrain with ease and stability, then an electric scooter fat tyre model is likely the best choice, as these tyres tend to have a wider tread surface than standard tyres, allowing you to manoeuvre rugged terrains with greater accuracy.

On the other hand, if your finest electric scooter will largely be used on smoother surfaces such as urban roads or sidewalks; then a normal electric scooter tyre should provide acceptable performance while being lighter and easier to turn.

Ultimately, understanding the pros and drawbacks of long range electric scooters, fat tyre types; and ordinary electric scooters can help you choose the perfect dual motor electric scooter that meets your individual needs.

Should You Stop Riding Your Electric Scooter in the Winter?

Electric Scooter
There are various reasons why it may be good to cease riding your all terrain electric scooter in the winter:

Cold temperatures:

Cold temperatures can dramatically affect the range and performance of the battery; making it impossible to rely on your long range electric scooter as a reliable source of transportation in the winter.

 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

Poor visibility:

Winter weather sometimes brings reduced visibility owing to fog, snow; and ice, making it tougher to see and be seen while riding your electric scooter.

Slippery roads:

Snow and ice on the roadways can make it tough to keep control of your finest electric scooter, increasing the danger of accidents.

Health risks:

Exposure to cold temperatures and damp circumstances can increase the risk of hypothermia; and frostbite, making it necessary to dress appropriately and limit exposure to the environment.

If you can handle these hurdles, investing in a company like Varla might be better. Varla Eagle One and Varla Eagle One Pro are your best shots for electric scooter for grownups. The Varla Eagle One and the Varla Eagle One Pro are both long range electric scooters developed by Varla Motors. The biggest difference between the two versions is their degree of power and performance.

The Varla Eagle One has a top speed of 40+ mph and a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. It is powered by a dual 1000W motor and is fitted with an 18.2Ah lithium-ion battery. It has a weight limit of 330 lbs and is appropriate for riders weighing up to that much.

On the other hand, the Varla Eagle One Pro boasts a top speed of 45 mph and a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge. It is driven by dual 1000W motors and is fitted with a 27Ah lithium-ion battery. It has a weight limit of 330 lbs and is appropriate for riders weighing up to that much.

One should thoroughly examine the features of the two models and then pick the finest fat tyre electric scooter. It goes without saying that the Varla Eagle One Pro is a more robust and feature-rich option compared to the Varla Eagle One, but it may also be more expensive. It is ideally suited for users that need a high-performance electric scooter for long-distance travel or off-road use.

 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

Why Choose a Fat Tire E-Scooter This Winter?

One should select for a big tyre electric scooter this winter for various reasons. Fat tyres are designed to provide increased traction and stability on snowy and slippery roads; making it easier to keep control of the long range electric scooter in winter conditions. They can also absorb stress and vibration, delivering a smoother ride on rocky or uneven terrain.

Nonetheless, selecting the top e scooter models accessible in the market could be challenging. Apollo Ghost is typically suggested for its better performance and durability. With its two powerful 1000W batteries, this model allows a speed restriction of 60 km/h (37 mph) (37 mph). Its dual spring system and adjustable suspension make it a viable alternative.

In comparison, Varla Eagle One Pro is a tough alternative to Apollo Ghost. Its dual hub motors, effective hydraulic brake system, and enhanced shock absorption offer a pleasant ride during the cold season.

One should analyse the benefits and cons of both models and then decide on their investment. Ideally, the long range electric scooter you purchase should be pocket-friendly and deliver a smooth glide across all terrain.

Varla Fat Tire E-Scooter Christmas Deal

This Christmas, you may easily place orders for your favourite Varla models. Every order placed on Varla models will get a substantial discount with a special code and complementary extras. This is the greatest time to place an order for a fat tyre electric scooter for adults and enjoy the rest of the cold season on your new e-wheels!


In conclusion, all terrain electric scooters might be a great solution for riders who need a reliable and durable form of transportation in winter circumstances. With better traction, smooth riding, and water resistance, all terrain electric scooters are well-suited for tackling snowy and icy routes.

When picking an electric scooter for adults, it is vital to evaluate variables such as the tyres; battery life, suspension, waterproofing, and weight restriction to ensure that you receive the ideal scooter for your needs.

 Electric Fat Tire Scooter


Q: Are electric scooters suitable for winter use?

The majority of scooters are powered by lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. These batteries are susceptible to the cold, especially if the temperature drops below 32 °F (0 °C). When this occurs, the scooter’s battery gradually loses its total capacity and, if it continues for a while, becomes useless.

Q: Do electric scooters work in the winter?

a 17-day old update. Given that water damage is not covered by the warranty, we do not advise riding directly on the snow. However, you can ride in the winter if the roads are properly maintained. Remember that your scooter is “water-resistant” and not “water-proof,” thus it is not advised to leave it out in the snow for an extended period of time.

A 350W electric scooter’s speed in mph.


High-capacity battery: An electric scooter with a 350W 36V 10.4AH battery is capable of 15.5 mph and a range of 15 to 25 miles. It depends on a number of factors, including the road’s condition, load weight, power, and riding speed.

Q: What is the typical lifespan of an electric scooter?

Generally speaking, personal e-scooters can last up to three years whereas those in a ride-share fleet only last nine to eighteen months. After the first two years, a personal e-efficiency scooter’s starts to decline, but with the right care and maintenance, you can continue to use your scooter for up to three years or longer.