What Are Some Tips To Keep Your House Cool During The Summer?

The summer season is around the corner in the most countries. Therefore, most people in different regions are making planning to get some relief in this tough season. Whereas, there are many people who rely on air conditioners. On the other side, a lot of others who cannot afford the expenses of air conditioners.

However, besides all, if affordability is not a big issue then there is an energy crisis that makes this season more severe. However, you don’t have to worry at all because here, I will compile a list of tips that you can follow to keep the temperature of your house refreshing without having to use an air conditioner.

The chilly wind, dripping dew, and plunged temperature in the winter season impairs not only the health of people but also vandalizes their houses. The leading housing architects believe that the winter season takes a toll on homes, and homeowners should carefully evaluate their housing infrastructure for damages and repairs to get ready for the sunny season.

Here are some essential tips for getting your house summer-ready:

Go on Window Patrol

It’s called the greenhouse effect, and unless you have energy-efficient windows installed, chances are it is contributing to the rising temps in your home. In the morning, close your eastern facing windows and blinds, and in the afternoon, close your western facing windows and screens to stop UV rays from heating your home.

Be a Fan Fanatic

Strategically placed fans can make a room feel about three degrees cooler. Therefore, in the summer season, adjust ceiling fans to run counterclockwise to better circulate and cool air during the summer. And placing a nicely designed table fan can create a breeze in any room while still being stylish.

Create a Shade

Installing awnings and strategically planting trees and shrubbery can also reduce the amount of light, and its bawdy twin heat, from getting in the house. Planting of shade trees is the best remedy to the east and west of your home. It also can make a big difference.

And, when chosen wisely, fancy awnings not only add to your curb appeal but also shade your windows from summer’s scorching rays.

Roof Inspection

Snowfall and dew formation in the winter season may cause severe or minor damages to the roof. It may lead to cracks or craning of the roof that may result in seepage and drainage problems. Thus, homeowners are required to provide immediate attention as these may develop as significant issues in the future. They should inspect their roof for damages and get it repaired with immediate effect.

In the case of roof shingles, they should inspect for misaligned, curling, or missing shingles. Furthermore, they should also check for rust or rotting portions on the roof.

Probing of Windows and Doors

Winters are known to affect the windows and doors made from wood adversely. Change in the moisture content of forest-wood, dew formations, and snow melts may lead to rotting or swelling of the wood.

Thus, homeowners are required to look for a damaged or rotting window or door frames and should get them repaired at the earliest. The top architects in India also suggest homeowners check all mechanics and hinges and caulk gaps that may have developed due to temperature fluctuations. They can also get them repainted if necessary.

Cleaning of Gutters, Drains, and Downspouts

Dead and frosted leaves from the trees, debris, or scrap may lead to the blocking of gutters and drains. According to the best architects, winters are harsh on the drainage systems and can cause leaks in the pipelines. Thus, it is vital to inspect all drains and downspouts to avoid any significant water clogging problem.

Reconditioning of Garden and Equipment

The winter season is followed by the spring season that blossoms the garden area. Thus, to increase outdoor aesthetics, homeowners should recondition their garden area and garden equipment. Some measures include:

  • Reinforcing broken or rotting fences
  • Weeding of lawn and tidying up of flower bed
  • Checking and repairing water sprinklers
  • A complete inspection of outdoor plumbing

According to the residential architects in NCR, the garden area is the most important aesthetic element of any housing structure. Thus, it needs to be adequately maintained.

Turn Off Electronic Devices

Like light, electricity creates heat as a by-product. From light bulbs and laptops to ovens and dryers, running your electronics will increase the temperature in your home. Consider doing laundry and running the dishwasher in the later evening when things have begun to cool a bit. Then turn off lights when possible to help keep your room fresh.

The Insulation Situation

Making sure your attic is properly insulated is a smart move for saving money. Moreover, by doing this, you are adding comfort to your home year-round. Check with your domestic electric or gas used.

So that you can see if they have a program to bring your attic up to snuff. You can also contact a reputable contractor who understands energy efficiency to get your insulation up to date and ready to help you weather the elements.

Service Air Conditioners

Since AC’s remain non-functional for many months during winters, technical or physical damages are quite possible. Hence, homeowners are want to get their air conditioners serviced from professionals.

According to the best architectural firm, the tips mentioned earlier will ensure that homeowners don’t face any new problems and can enjoy the sunny season to the fullest.