What Are The Lab Grown Diamond And Different Types Of  Jewelry?

Lab Grown Diamonds – The Newest Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are the most recent improvement withinside the lab grown diamond jewelry industry . The name lab grown may lead you to believe that these diamonds are artificial, but that’s not true. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds – natural, earth-mined diamonds grown by man in a lab-like environment in less than one year. Lab grown diamonds can be any shape or size and can be customized in terms of color, clarity and cut to meet almost any customer need. Some benefits of lab grown diamonds include cost efficiency and growing flexibility while still providing customers with the same look, feel and quality they expect from an authentic diamond!

Lab Grown Diamond Best Jewelry Collection

A natural diamond, also known as a mined diamond, is mined from deep within Earth’s crust. A lab-grown or syntetic diamond is created in a laboratory by replicating conditions present when diamonds are from deep within Earth. Both types of diamonds are physically and chemically identical to each other and have the same physical, optical, chemical and thermal properties. The only difference between them is their origin — one comes from nature while one comes from a laboratory. Lab-grown diamonds are called ‘cultured’ diamonds because they grow in laboratories using a process similar to that used to culture pearls – hence cultured pearls! Natural white and fancy colour diamonds exist in nature but these colours can also be produced synthetically.

What Are Lab Diamonds?

A lab-grown diamond is a real diamond created in a laboratory. Lab-grown diamonds have been in existence for over 30 years, but only recently have they started to take off as consumer demand has grown. A major advantage of lab diamonds is that they are often less expensive than mined diamonds because they do not require all of the costs associated with mining such as labour and high overhead equipment. Moreover, unlike mined diamonds which can be sold depending on their flaws or quality, lab diamonds are made entirely by human hands so no two stones will be exactly alike; thus eliminating any need for industry standards for grading quality. In other words, you don’t need to worry about what cut or clarity your stone should be—because it’s literally being grown from scratch just for you!

Types Of Lab Grown Diamonds

There are two types of diamonds that can be lab grown. One type is technically considered a diamond, but looks so different from mined diamonds that they have their category: These diamonds are called Type IIb Lab Grown Diamonds. This type of diamond only looks like a diamond on a microscopic level and they don’t have any real value as gemstones. These tiny diamonds are what technicians used to figure out how to grow bigger ones. The other type of lab grown diamond rings looks just like a mined diamond (Type IIa). This is why many jewellers refer to lab-grown diamonds as cultured or synthetic diamonds because some people aren’t aware that you can make larger versions of cultured pearls or cultured coral, too.

Lab Grown Diamond Ring And Pendants

How are lab-grown diamonds made? Lab-grown diamonds start as a crystal of diamonds, just like those mined from mines in South Africa or Australia. These crystals, however, never make it to market. Instead, they’re harvested and eventually transformed into new diamonds that look exactly like they were mined. Sounds impossible? Not really: These diamonds have all of their required characteristics naturally built-in. By carefully reproducing these conditions in a laboratory environment, you can grow diamonds artificially. This is how lab grown diamond Pendants are created and why they’re chemically identical to those found in nature—it’s all about careful manipulation of their environment from start to finish!

Shopping For Lab Grown Diamonds

If you’re looking for lab-grown diamonds, your options are fairly limited. The majority of grown diamonds aren’t readily available to consumers and those that are will come at a higher price tag than mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds can be twice as expensive as their natural counterparts—even if they do have all the same qualities! Many retailers and websites sell both, so you won’t be able to tell them apart by appearance. So why choose lab-grown over mine? For one thing, it saves precious resources like petroleum and mines—resources that could be spent on other things like clean water or food for impoverished countries.