What It’s Like Living in Houston, TX

If you’re looking to move to the Bayou City, you’ve come to the right place. While heading to an area sight unseen is never advised, doing your research ahead of time is important. If Houston is a potential destination for your next big move, it’s vital to look at the pros and cons of what everyday life here might be like.

So, what’s it like living in Houston? Let’s review the good, the bad, and the ugly.


One of the greatest things about Houston is the diversity you’ll experience within the city limits. In fact, in 2021, WalletHub named Houston the country’s most diverse city—that’s right, above major cities like Los Angeles and New York. There are an abundance of opportunities to experience cultures unlike your own, and with that comes delicious food, unique music, and expressive art. 

There really is something for everyone here, but that goes beyond surface level. Exposure to diversity that exists in a city like Houston teaches important life lessons about inclusion, acceptance, and looking outside your own singular life experiences. If you’re looking to expand your understanding of the world or want to raise a family in a place where your children will be able to learn first-hand about other cultures and customs, Houston is ready to welcome you with open arms.


If you absolutely love frigid, snowy winters, you can stop looking for Houston apartments for rent right now. While snow is always possible in Houston, it’s a rare occasion that snow will accumulate a significant amount. Winter nights rarely go below the 40°s, and days typically stay in the 50°-70° range. Houston is also quite humid, which means the heat of the summer can feel even hotter. Those who move to Houston live for the hot weather all year long, but if four distinct seasons is more to your taste, this area may not be right for you. 


Those in search of urban living often come in contact with high apartment costs and home prices. Houston is no different than other major cities, and falls just slightly below the national average. Cost of living arrangements will vary from the middle of the downtown area to the outskirts of the suburbs, but overall you’ll find Houston about par for the course when it comes to city living in the United States.


Another component of city living is relying on public transportation for daily commutes. The Houston MetroRail system that runs throughout the downtown area is acceptable, but not as expansive as other urban areas. If you’re looking for a city with a robust public transportation system, you may find yourself disappointed in Houston. However, for those who love queuing up a great podcast for the morning drive into work, you’ll find Houston traffic a bit more manageable and enjoyable than other large metropolitan areas. You’ll also have access to two major airports, which is extremely convenient for those who travel frequently for work or leisure.


All over the country right now you’ll hear about the large amount of jobs available, and Houston’s market is no different. In fact, you’ll find it has one of the best job markets in Texas. Studies also show that Houston also has some of the best opportunities in the state for those without a college degree.


Overall, those who move to Houston will find that it’s one of the nicest large metropolitan areas in the country. If warm weather, delicious food, and great attractions are something that interests you, Houston should be a definite contender for your next place to live. If the heat just isn’t your thing and a long daily commute turns you off, it may need to be crossed off your list. The only way to know for sure is to come to Houston and see for yourself all this great city has to offer.